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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1815 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1815 Start

Emi and Nanako didn’t think much about it. Seeing Takehiko was about to chat with Charlie in private, they got up to leave and left the ward.

After the two people left, Ito looked at Charlie and said seriously: “Mr. Charlie, what happened before was offensive, and I still have to apologize to you. Thank you for repaying your grievances with morality and saving the little girl. The Ito family, otherwise, if it really makes the Su family think that it was the Ito family who killed the Su family’s heirs, the Ito family is afraid that we would face annihilation?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Ito is polite. I saved Nanako out of a friend’s relationship. As for indirectly helping the Ito family, you don’t have to be too polite to me. After all, I took your money. There is an old saying about taking money from others and helping others to eliminate disasters. I can’t take money without doing anything, right?”

Takehiko was stunned.

The reason why he was dumbfounded was also completely shocked by Charlie’s shamelessness.

Charlie’s words are very clear. Take people’s money and fight against people. This means that the 4.5 billion USD can’t be taken for nothing. You have to do something for the Ito family.

Therefore, he has helped the Ito family get rid of the disaster, and the money can be taken with ease.

Takehiko was shocked, more or less painful.

Although he did feel that his daughter’s life was more valuable than 4.5 billion USD, he would still feel distressed if he really threw 4.5 billion in.

However, he knew very well in his heart that if you lose the US$4.5 billion, you have lost. He has no other way to get the money back, or recover the loss to a certain extent, so there is no need to deal with this issue now.

Thinking of this, he smiled awkwardly and said to Charlie: “Mr. Charlie, your JX Pharmaceutical has a very strong momentum of development. After the annexation of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, I believe there must be a broader prospect. Don’t know if we can work together. How about a certain amount of cooperation on this?”

Charlie smiled and said: “Mr. Ito, there is actually nothing to cooperate in this matter. JX Pharmaceutical is the foundation of my life and I will not give up my share of it.”

Takehiko hurriedly said: “Mr. Charlie, I don’t want your share, but I really want to have a certain degree of in-depth cooperation with you. In the future, the Ito family will hand it over to Nanako. You and Nanako are friends, and I think It can be concluded that Nanako trusts you very much. You can try various forms of in-depth cooperation. This is good for you and us, and it is truly mutually beneficial.”

Charlie smiled slightly: “I will naturally consider this in the future. If the time is right, I will definitely not reject cooperation with Miss Nanako.”

“That’s good……”

Takehiko breathed a sigh of relief and said seriously: “Mr. Charlie, I can see that Nanako likes you very much. If you two can have any possibility, then I’m so relieved…”

Charlie said immediately: “Mr. Ito, Ms. Nanako is still very young. Don’t talk about this kind of thing. If it spreads out and gets misunderstood, it will ruin Nanako’s reputation.”

Takehiko waved his hand: “My daughter has been raised for 22 years. No one in this world knows her better than me. I can see that she really likes you, and she likes you sincerely, if possible. , I also suggest that you stay in Japan for development. You have JX Pharmaceutical and Nanako has the Ito family. If you two can combine to become a husband and wife, you will definitely become the top existence in Asia and even the world.”

Charlie smiled and asked, “Mr. Ito should have investigated me? You should know that I am already married.”