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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1813 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1813 Start

After hearing Takehiko’s words, Charlie looked at him with a little admiration.

It seems that Takehiko does have a good overall view, and he can control his inner greed, not to be greedy or aggressive.

If you change to a very ambitious and greedy family, then you will immediately start to play high and play both ways.

On the one hand, it completely suppresses other families in the country, strives to eat their share in a short time, and makes oneself a fat man;

On the one hand, we must cooperate with large overseas families as soon as possible to further open up profit channels and develop ourselves rapidly.

However, Takehiko Ito can clearly see the situation and the hidden dangers and hidden pitfalls.

There is no doubt that the Su family is indeed the Tiger Wolf family.

Such a family not only has no morals, but also has no basic humanity.

When cooperating with such a family, you must be on guard at all times, otherwise it is very likely that the opponent will be severely stabbed behind you.

And if you fall to the Su family’s competitors, it is equivalent to directly standing on the opposite side of the Su family, and the risk factor is even greater.

Instead of doing this, it is better to close the door and try to develop yourself.

Emi also understood her brother’s worries and vision, and said seriously: “Brother, you are right. I am too dull to see this level.”

Takehiko waved his hand: “Your thoughts are also normal. Starting a business is like a gamble. Either simply keep betting a little bit more, or you can have an unparalleled future; or after you reserve a certain amount of chips, learn to see and close.. ….”

Speaking of this, Takehiko sighed: “If it were before tonight, I might also be the same as you thought. I would take this opportunity to give him a big shot. However, I walked through the gate and lost both. After the legs, I finally know the preciousness of life and the meaning of being alive, and after knowing that I almost lost Nanako, I became more aware of this…”

“So, I want to be more cautious now, and being steady is more important than anything else.”

Emi nodded seriously.

At this time, Takehiko Ito glanced at Nanako, and said seriously: “Nanako, since you are now cured, from now on, stay in Tokyo with Odosan.”

Nanako hesitated slightly.

She likes the environment of Kyoto, and she is reluctant to leave Kyoto.

However, thinking of the special situation now that she can no longer follow her own preferences, she immediately said: “Okay Odosan, I will stay with you!”

Takehiko said: “Let you stay in Tokyo not only to allow you to accompany me, but also to let you get in touch with the family’s business and industry earlier and start preparing for succession.”

Nanako hurriedly said, “Odusan, I have no experience in running a business. Isn’t it too early?”

Takehiko nodded and said seriously: “It is indeed a little earlier, but now the situation is special, my legs are gone, and it will be more inconvenient to move in the future…”

Speaking of this, Takehiko sighed a little lonely: “Moreover, I am a disabled person, and I am not suitable for showing up on behalf of the family, which will affect the family image.”

“So, you must be ready to take my seat now. At the very least, you must first assume the external image of the Ito family. Later, on the outside, you will represent the Ito family.”