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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1810 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1810 Start

D*mn the Su family!

In the beginning, it was the Su family who took the lead and united countless other families in Eastcliff to form an “anti-wade alliance” that was an enemy of his father!

Although not sure whether the death of his parents is the result of the Su family and the Anti-Wade Alliance.

However, at least he can be sure!

In this matter, the Su family is absolutely unclear about the relationship!

Unexpectedly, he saved the eldest grandson and eldest granddaughter of the enemy’s family!

At this moment, Charlie regretted it!

The hatred of parents is shared!

Even if he didn’t take the initiative to make the descendants of the Su family pay the price, he shouldn’t have saved their lives!

Thinking of this, Charlie really wanted to slap himself a hundred times!

Seeing his ugly expression, Takehiko hurriedly asked him: “Mr. Charlie, do you know someone from the Su family?”

Charlie sighed, shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but I accidentally saved them in Kyoto…”

“What?!” Takehiko Ito exclaimed: “The Su brothers and sisters were taken to Kyoto? Could it be that Tenglin Ninja did it?”

“No.” Charlie shook his head and said: “Iga Ninja did it. At that time, after I solved Tenglin Ninja, I found Iga Ninja went to Ito’s mansion to step on something. I was afraid that someone wanted to harm Nanako, so I followed along all the way. It was discovered that another group of ninjas had kidnapped the Su family girl and boy, and wanted to kill them before hiding their bodies in the Ito mansion to blame the Ito family.”

Takehiko blurted out in amazement, “Who is instigated by those ninjas?! It is so vicious! This is to push my Ito family into the fire pit!”

Charlie said, “I heard that they were instigated by a guy named Matsumoto.”


Takehiko, Emi, and Nanako were all shocked!

At this moment, they want to understand the ins and outs of the whole thing!

Takehiko shook his head and sighed: “When I jumped down from the viaduct, I thought it was Machi Takahashishi behind the scenes. I didn’t expect that the instigator of all this was Ryoto Matsumoto! This b@stard, secretly played the game. Let me and Machi Takahashi suspect each other, and wanted to pour the dirty water of kidnapping and murdering the Su brother and sister on me. It’s really vicious!”

Emi spoke at this moment: “Brother, when you were resting, I heard some messages from the TMPD. I didn’t understand it at first. Now after Mr. Charlie mentioned this point, all the clues are correct. Got it!”

Takehiko hurriedly asked: “What information? What clue?!”

Emi said truthfully: “Machi Takahashi’s son was killed yesterday evening. The murderer blocked his convoy in the underground passage, locked him in the car and set it on fire to char…”

“What?!” Both Takehiko and Nanako heard with surprise.

Emi continued: “Later, Machi Takahashi was also assassinated by a ninja at home…”

“Machi Takahashi is dead?!”

Emi nodded, and said, “There are more terrifying things…”

Takehiko Ito stabilized his mind, and said, “Say!”

“Matsumoto’s family has more than 30 people, all of them have been destroyed!”?