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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 181 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 181 Start

Gerald was also stunned.

Tomson’s villa is the most valuable property in the hands of the entire White family.

This house is owned by Solmon, the current owner of the White family and the uncle of Gerald.

Solmon, Fred White’s father, is currently the head of the White family, while Gerald’s father is only the second in command.

This villa, let alone Gerald, even Gerald’s dad is greedy, but there is no way, their family simply can’t afford such an expensive villa.

Hearing that the uncle even gave this villa to Charlie, Gerald was also extremely shocked and uncomfortable, and immediately said to Wendy: “Wait a moment, I will ask my uncle.”

Wendy hung up the phone, gritted her teeth and looked at Charlie, and questioned: “Charlie, what can you do to trick this villa from Uncle?”

Charlie said lightly: “Mr. Solmon chased me to give away this villa to me.”

“You nonsense!” Wendy blurted out suddenly, “You have nothing to do with the White family. How could Uncle White give you such an expensive house for no reason! You must have used some shameful means!”

At this time, Gerald called Wendy and said, “Wendy, my uncle seemed to be busy, so he just hung up my phone after saying a word.”

Charlie sneered, and directly took out the phone to turn on the speakerphone and dialed Solmon’s number.

With a beep, the phone was connected instantly.

Wendy was stunned on the spot.

“Mr. Wade!” Solmon’s voice was full of flattery: “Mr. Wade should have visited the villa at Tomson? I wonder if Mr. Wade is satisfied?”

Charlie said directly: “I saw the villa, and it’s not bad overall, It is interesting.”

Solmon hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, you like it!”

Charlie said calmly: “I just called to tell you that I’m quite satisfied with the villa.”

“If you have any needs, please tell me at any time, and I will try my best to solve it! Try to make Mr. Wade satisfied!”

The crowd around was silent and in shock.

Unexpectedly, this villa was actually given to Charlie by Solmon. Why?

Unexpectedly, Solmon, who had to be respectful even after meeting his fiancé, would kneel and lick Charlie’s rubbish like a dog! This made Wendy feel hot on her face, and she couldn’t help her face.

She finally couldn’t help but asked aloud to Charlie’s cell phone: “Uncle White, I am Gerald’s fiancee Wendy. You will never give the villa to Charlie for no reason. What is the reason?”

“Huh, what are you? You deserve to ask about my personal affairs?”

Solmon said coldly.

Wendy’s face was hot.

Charlie said lightly: “Solmon, you should explain to them, otherwise, they will think I lied to you.”

“Okay!” Solmon said immediately: “Since Mr. Charlie has said it, let me explain to the public that I owe Mr. Charlie a great favor, so I gifted this villa. I would like to thank the clowns if they do Dare to doubt Mr. Charlie, I will definitely not let it go!”

Wendy was aggrieved for a while. How could she have been scolded so severely, her face flushed, and she almost cried aggrieved.

Seeing that Wendy was so aggrieved and crying, Noah Willson’s face couldn’t get through, and he coughed to please and said: “Ms. White, Wendy is still a child. She is also curious and has no other meaning.”

Solmon ignored him and said respectfully: “Mr. Charlie, do you need me to explain anything?”

“That’s it.” Charlie nodded.

“Then I won’t bother Mr. Charlie, please call me whenever you have to.”

Charlie let out a “um” and hung up the phone.