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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1809 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1809 Start

Takehiko sighed and said apologetically: “There have been many things that have offended you before, and I hope you don’t mind!”

Charlie was also generous, smiled slightly, and said, “Mr. Ito is polite. I’ve turned over the previous misunderstandings and you don’t need to mention it again.”

The subtext of Charlie’s words is actually, the misunderstanding will not be mentioned anymore, and the 4.5 billion USD matter will not be mentioned again.

Although he was not short of money, he didn’t want to spit out the money in his pocket easily.

It wasn’t that he wanted to misuse Takehiko’s money. The point was that even if the money was thrown out, he couldn’t just spit it out in a few words.

At least, the money will have to be taken out by Nanako when she needs it in the future, and it will be given to her only.

But this may have to wait for Nanako to inherit the Ito family.

Takehiko is also a good person. Hearing this, he knows what Charlie means.

Four and a half billion USD is indeed a huge sum of money, but since Charlie didn’t want to give it, he couldn’t chase him for it.

After all, Charlie saved his daughter’s life and made her completely healed. This is really a great kindness.

Otherwise, even if the daughter was not in danger, she will not be able to live without the torture of wheelchair and illness for the rest of her life.

Therefore, Takehiko also consciously did not mention the 4.5 billion USD, but asked very curiously: “Mr. Charlie, how did you save the little girl, by chance?”

Charlie said truthfully: “I originally took over the production line of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in Osaka. I heard that Ms. Nanako is in Kyoto, and it’s only a 40-minute drive from Osaka to Kyoto. I wanted to meet her. I didn’t expect it to happen. I met the ninja of the Tenglin family who came there to attack her, so I did it.”

Charlie couldn’t help but sigh: “It’s also a coincidence. If I arrive later, I might be helpless.”

Takehiko also nodded in fear, and exclaimed, “Thanks to Mr. Charlie!”

After finishing speaking, he couldn’t restrain the angry cold voice: “?? The ninjas of the Tenglin family are loyal to Machi Takahashi. I don’t understand why Machi Takahashi has acted on me! Everyone is competing with me. The Su family’s cooperation, even if there are some holidays and misunderstandings on weekdays, there is no need to kill my daughter like this, right?!”

Charlie frowned immediately: “What did you say? The Su family? Which Su family?!”

Takehiko explained: “It’s the Su family, the top big family in China. They want to engage in ocean shipping and they have taken a fancy to a few ports in Japan, so they want to cooperate with Japanese families. Both the Ito family and the Takahashi family In their shortlist.”

After speaking, Takehiko said again: “For our two families, whoever can cooperate with the Su family will have the opportunity to surpass each other and become the first family in Japan. Therefore, both of us attach great importance to this cooperation. , But I didn’t expect that Machi Takahashishi would actually act like this!”

Charlie suddenly remembered that he was in Kyoto, following the two Chinese people saved from the Iga family ninja.

Are they from the Su family? !

Thinking of this, Charlie hurriedly asked again: “Mr. Ito, who did the Su family send to discuss cooperation with you this time?”

Takehiko said: “They sent their eldest grandson and eldest granddaughter, one named Zhifei and the other named Zhiyu.”

Charlie frowned and asked, “Aren’t these two very young? Woman is only in her early twenties, and man is only twenty-five or six?”

“Yes!” Ito said: “Zhifei is almost twenty-five or -six, Zhiyu and Nanako should be about the same age, both 22 years old.”

As he said, Ito sighed and said, “But, who would have thought that the Su family’s siblings were bizarrely kidnapped after they came to Japan! The kidnappers also killed more than a dozen of Su’s entourage? It turned Tokyo upside down, and Machi Takahashi and I were both listed as suspects by the TMPD!”

Hearing this, Charlie was basically sure that the siblings that he accidentally saved and let go in Kyoto were the eldest grandson and eldest granddaughter of the Su family!

Thinking of this, Charlie’s expression suddenly became very ugly!

Su family!