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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1807 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1807 Start

The reason why Charlie came was because of Nanako’s face, so he could help if he wanted to.

But since Takehiko has been amputated and his life is not in danger, there is no need for his help here, and he does not want to go in and meet Takehiko to avoid embarrassment.

Nanako didn’t insist upon seeing this, and said softly: “Master, then please wait here for a while, I’ll go in and see my father!”

Charlie nodded: “Go, I’ll be here.”

Nanako nodded lightly, and then went to the ward with her aunt Emi.

In the ward, Takehiko Ito just woke up.

After both legs were amputated, the doctor used an analgesic pump for him, so he basically didn’t feel the pain, but he was always worried about Nanako in Kyoto, so he couldn’t sleep well.

He just dreamed that Nanako had an accident in Kyoto, and Takehiko immediately woke up and wanted to order his sister Emi to send someone to bring Nanako back to Tokyo as soon as possible.

However, what he didn’t even dream of was that after the ward door was opened, his sister Emi came in with his beloved baby daughter, Nanako!

“Nanako?!” Takehiko Ito blurted out in surprise: “Why are you here?”

Nanako saw her father lying on the hospital bed pale and bloodless, with thick gauze wrapped around his legs and knees, and disappeared without a trace from below the knees. She burst into tears and cried out, “Odosan!”

After speaking, she ran to the hospital bed, grabbed Takehiko’s hand and cried bitterly.

Only then did Ito recover his senses. Seeing his daughter appear in front of him safely, he was relieved, and he was even more relieved. He rejoiced and said, “Nanako, Oudosan really didn’t expect to see you alive. , At this moment, seeing you in front of me is really worth everything…”

Nanako cried and said, “Odosan, you have suffered…”

Takehiko smiled and said, “No, no no, Nanako, O’Duo Sang knew in his heart that being able to survive is already the greatest fortune. I am already very satisfied!”

As he said, he suddenly remembered a detail just now and exclaimed: “Nanako, what about your legs…how can you walk?”

Nanako choked and said, “Odusan, I almost died by the sword of Tenglin Ninjas tonight…”

“What?!” Takehiko Ito was shocked and blurted out: “Tenglin Ninja came to assassinate you?”

“Yeah!” Nanako nodded and said, “The Tenglin family sent six ninjas to Kyoto to assassinate me…”

“Six ninjas?!” Takehiko Ito was even more horrified, and said nervously: “I didn’t give ninjas to protect you, how did you escape?!”

Nanako hurriedly said, “Thanks to Master Charlie Wade… he saved me…”

“Charlie?!” Takehiko’s eyes widened.

“Yes!” Nanako hurriedly said, “It is Master Wade from China. He not only killed six Tenglin ninjas and saved my life, but he also cured my injury with a magical medicine. I am now completely fine, healthy as before, and I even feel better than before!”

“Really?!” Takehiko asked in surprise: “Nanako, you don’t lie to Odusan?”

Emi smiled and said, “Brother, didn’t you see that Nanako ran over from the door just now?”