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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 180 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 180 Start

Wendy and Noah were even more unacceptable of this reality, as if they were slapped, slapped in public, wishing to dig a hole in and bury themselves.

The facts are breaking down!

At this moment, an Old Master walked out of the villa.

The Old Master came directly to Charlie and asked respectfully: “Hello, are you Mr. Charlie Wade?”

Charlie nodded and said, “I am, who are you?”

The Old Master said: “Hello, Mr. Charlie, I am Mr. White’s housekeeper, and I am responsible for taking care of this villa. You can call me Libo. I usually take care of the villa and maintain hygiene.”

“Libo?” Wendy on the side stared at him dumbfounded, her whole brain short-circuited.

This Uncle Libo, isn’t this her fiance Gerald’s housekeeper? Why is he here?

Does this villa belong to the White family?

In that case, why give it to Charlie?

Wendy hurriedly asked: “Libo, what is going on? Is this villa owned by the White family?”

Libo said: “It used to be, but now it belongs to Mr. Charlie.”

With that, Libo looked at Charlie again and asked, “Mr. Charlie, the decoration in the villa has not been completed yet. When do you plan to move in? I will let the workers do it faster and make preparations in advance.”

Charlie said faintly: “We will not move for the time being. You will continue to look after the villa. I will call you before I move.”

“Yes! Mr. Charlie!”

After Libo finished speaking, he bowed to Charlie again, then let him aside, waiting for him to enter.

Wendy’s eyes almost popped out, and the whole group of Willson family relatives was also surprised.

“The housekeeper of the White family?” Wendy said dumbfounded: “Which White family is Gerald’s family?”

Charlie looked at her, smiled slightly, and said, “Yes, it’s your fiance Gerald’s house. His father gave me this house.”

“What?!” Wendy’s brain exploded!

This villa belongs to her fiancé’s family?

In other words, the original villa could have been hers in the future?

But why would it be given to Charlie!

This is my villa!

Wendy’s parents were also very puzzled and angry at the same time.

The White family is the daughter’s future husband’s family. The White family’s villa is naturally for their daughter. Why is it given to Charlie? This is not logical!

Horiyah Qian blurted out and asked Wendy: “Wendy, what’s the matter with this? Do you know the White family villa?”

Wendy shook her head repeatedly: “I don’t know, I have never heard Gerald talk about it.”

Horiyah Qian immediately shouted, “Quickly call Gerald and ask! Ask clearly what’s going on!”

“Yes, I must!”

Wendy immediately took out the phone and called Gerald.

As soon as the call connected, she asked Gerald: “Gerald, does your family have a villa in Tomson?”

Gerald said: “There is a set, what’s wrong?”

Wendy said with some dissatisfaction: “Why haven’t you heard about it! Is it the wedding room for the two of us?”

“No.” Gerald said: “My uncle bought that villa for the elderly. He prefers the environment of Tomson, so how could he be willing to use it for us.”

After speaking, Gerald asked again: “How do you know about this?”

Wendy’s aggrieved tears flowed out: “Do you know, your uncle gave away this villa!”

“Gave it away?” Gerald blurted out, “Who gave it away?”

Wendy broke down and cried and said: “Gave it to Charlie! It’s my Rubbish brother-in-law Charlie!”