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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1797 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1797 Start

Before the fall, Takehiko’s mind kept echoing Tanaka’s words.

As long as you don’t face down, or belly down, you still have a chance to survive.

So, he struggled to adjust his body in mid-air, and landed heavily with his legs straight to the ground!

With a bang, Takehiko only felt an incomparable sharp pain from both legs, but he didn’t care to check the injuries on his legs, and he immediately rolled a few somersaults on the ground to relieve the impact of his falling from the viaduct. .

Immediately afterwards, Tanaka fell heavily to the ground. Like Takehiko, he landed on his legs and rolled over for several meters.

Although their legs hurt to death, both of them saved their lives because of the correct landing posture. At this time, Ito looked at his legs and saw the entire knee, calf, ankle and sole of the foot. All fell beyond recognition!

Tanaka’s situation was just as tragic. His legs were bloody, broken bones even pierced from the flesh, blood flowed across, and it was horrible!

When the passers-by saw this, they were shocked, and some women had already screamed.

Soon, several enthusiastic people gathered around, and one of them asked, “You gentlemen, how do you feel? Would you like me to call an ambulance for you now?”

Takehiko cried bitterly and said, “Help me call the police! Someone on the bridge is chasing us!”

Everyone hurriedly looked up at the bridge. On the side of the guardrail of the over ten-meter viaduct, six ninjas were lined up in a row, looking down under the bridge with a bewildered expression.

One of the ninjas asked dumbfounded: “Boss, this…what now?”

The boss didn’t expect that this big piece of fat has already reached his lips, and it could fly away. He blurted out angrily: “Old fifth and sixth, the two of them can’t move now, you two jump down and give him I’ll kill!”

When the two heard this, each of them shrank their necks in shock.

One of them said embarrassingly: “Boss, if it is seven or eight meters high, you don’t need to say that I have already jumped, but it must be about 15 meters! I jumped, and the result would not be better than them. …..”

“Yeah!” Another said with a bitter expression, “Boss, the landing posture for the two of them is very scientific. If we are not so sure by any chance, we might just fall to death…”

The boss’s expression is very ugly.

He knows that if his subordinates don’t jump, he must not force them to jump, otherwise, how will this team lead in the future?

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and blurted out: “Get in the car! Let’s get down and kill them before the ambulance and the police arrive!”

Everyone hurriedly wanted to turn around and return to the car. At this moment, they heard the roar of helicopters in the sky.

When several people looked up, they were not shocked!

At this moment, there are four police helicopters coming fast from different directions!

One of the ninjas said in horror: “Oh! It’s a special operations team!”

Tokyo’s special operations team is the most ace special police under the TMPD. They have been serving anti-terrorism missions all year round. They have extremely strong combat capabilities. Moreover, they all have American-style equipment and have strong firepower. Ninjas are in front of them, no different from primitive people.

What’s more, they came in a helicopter!

If this is hovering over the head, holding a machine gun and shooting, even the most powerful ninja will be beaten into a sieve!

The boss of Iga Ninja immediately stunned, and shouted in a panic: “f*ck! Run away!”

The remaining five ninjas quickly got into the car under his leadership, and everyone fled in two cars.

The special operations team in Tokyo split immediately.

Two of the helicopters hovered directly nearby, allowing the combat team members to quickly reach the ground by cable drop from the helicopters to protect Takehiko.