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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1795 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1795 Start

At this time, Takehiko had already decided that he was bound to death.

The rescuer will not be able to make it for a while, his own people can no longer survive, and the other ninja may be killed by the sword at any time.

The remaining driver and Tanaka have no actual combat effectiveness. Like him, they will be cut and killed by the opponent in a matter of seconds.

At this moment, he really wanted to call his daughter who is far away in Kyoto. Kyoto is a few hundred kilometers away, and his daughter must not know that he is in deep trouble. Call her quickly, and maybe hear her voice before he is dead. This is also a bit of comfort before death.

However, just as he took out his cell phone and was about to call Nanako, Hiroshi Tanaka blurted out: “President! It’s really too late if we don’t run!”

Takehiko sighed: “I already told you just now, we have already pierced our wings and we have nowhere to escape…”

Having said that, he gritted his teeth and cursed: “It must be the beast Takahashi! That scm! bstard! He used such insidious means to deal with me!”

Hiroshi Tanaka quickly pointed out the window and blurted out: “Mr. President, don’t scold Takahashi for now. If we run to both ends of the viaduct, we will definitely die! But, we can still jump from here!”

After that, he pointed to the guardrail outside the car and said excitedly: “Mr. President, when we push the car door, it will be the guardrail. If we turn over, we can jump off!”

Takehiko Ito paled in fright, and blurted out: “Are you crazy?! This viaduct is more than ten meters high. Won’t we just fall to death if we jumped down?”

Hiroshi Tanaka said solemnly: “I can bet, from this height we may not necessarily die. As long as you don’t let your body face down, or face and abdomen face down, you still have a chance to jump down, but if you don’t jump, you will have no chance. Nothing!”

Takehiko Ito swallowed his saliva: “Jump down, immortal and crippled, it is impossible to escape their pursuit!”

Hiroshi Tanaka said seriously: “This place is so high, those ninjas must not dare to jump around! Even if they are stronger, their bodies are long, and they will be disabled if they jump. They are the same. If they don’t dare to jump, Then you have to drive down the viaduct. The two ends of the viaduct are still far away. When they get around, the special operations team of the TMPD should be there!”

After speaking, he added: “Also, the viaduct we are walking on has no traffic at night, but the road below is relatively close to Red-Light Street. It is always lively at night, so there must be a lot of private cars and taxis going back and forth!”

“Moreover, there are young people who enjoy the nightlife, drunken people and homeless people!”

“Once they find that we are falling, they will definitely come around to watch the excitement or help!”

“Even if this group of ninjas really dared to jump down, they might not dare to kill us in front of so many people. As long as it can be dragged for a few minutes, the helicopter from the TMPD will probably arrive!”

Takehiko blurted out and asked, “What if we fall directly to death?!”

Hiroshi Tanaka gritted his teeth: “President! Even if we fall to death, it is better than being killed by a ninja! The ghost knows how Takahashi wants us to die? What if Takahashi told them to behead us?! “

Takehiko felt a chill in the back of his neck!


“That’s too d*mn bad, right?!”

“I would rather jump from here and fall to death than be chopped off by the ninja with a sword!”

Thinking of this, he shook his heart: “Okay! Then jump!”

After speaking, he remembered Takahashi’s true knowledge, gritted his teeth and said angrily: “dmn it, Takahashi forced me to jump from this heigh! This thing is really fcking ironic! Today’s hatred, I remember Takehiko If I can survive, I will smash the head of that [email protected] that Takahashi really knows! I’ll break him into pieces!”