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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1794 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1794 Start

After he finished speaking, he hurriedly said to Tanaka Koichi: “Call the police! Let the TMPD send a helicopter to me! The bodyguards and ninjas outside, I’m afraid I won’t last long!”

Hiroshi Tanaka saw that the six ninjas had already rushed up, quickly took out his mobile phone and called the TMPD to report to the police.

Although Tokyo is very uneasy these days, and the TMPD’s handling efficiency and crime-solving capabilities are also messed up, but the hardware configuration of the TMPD is still very powerful. It is equipped with 14 police helicopters of all kinds. Once there is an emergency, the special operations team can be sent there quickly.

Tanaka directly called the head of the TMPD. After all, Takehiko is one of the top entrepreneurs in Tokyo, and the TMPD has to be a bit thin, and he can directly communicate with the chief in charge of everything.

At this moment, the director of the Tokyo Warning Service just learned that Takahashi was assassinated at home, and he was on the verge of collapse.

Zhifei and Zhiyu were not found;

The four human popsicles of the Tenglin family did not detect the murderer;

Machi Takahashi’s son, Eiki was burned to death in the car, and no murderer was found;

As a result, Machi Takahashi quickly got cold…

This series of serious criminal cases have cast a thick fog of magic and crime across Tokyo.

However, at this moment, Tanaka Hiroichi suddenly told him that Takehiko had also been ambushed and was in danger at this time. When he heard this, he felt a burst of blood on his head, and his legs collapsed directly in the office when he heard this. .

Several subordinates hurriedly stepped forward to help. He was extremely weak but full of anger and said: “Quick! Quickly send helicopters and special operations teams to the Yotsuya Viaduct to rescue Takehiko. Today Tokyo says nothing can be dead anymore!!! “

It stands to reason that a fully-armed modern special operations team has no gap with special forces in terms of equipment or combat effectiveness.

This kind of special police, single-handedly against a ninja, may not have any advantage in front of the ninja’s weird body techniques and hidden weapons.

However, after dozens of individuals have formed firepower, formation, and complementary advantages, the ninja’s advantage will disappear.

However, the biggest problem now is that the near thirst cannot be quenched by far!

It takes at least five minutes for the special operations team to assemble, several minutes for boarding the helicopter, and several minutes for the plane to take off and arrive quickly. Together, it takes at least ten minutes.

However, how can Takehiko’s men last for more than ten minutes? !

The two sides fought for several rounds outside the car, and Takehiko’s bodyguards were all brought down to the ground!

Although the remaining two ninjas have been struggling to resist, they have been forced to retreat steadily, and they have suffered multiple injuries!

Looking at this form, it is estimated that in another minute, they will basically be unable to resist it!

At that time, the opponent will directly take the head of Takehiko!

Tanaka, who was in the co-pilot, hurriedly said to Takehiko Ito: “President, let’s escape! If you don’t run away, there will be no chance!”


Takehiko trembled and said desperately in horror: “Where can we escape under this situation? Even if we escape, we will be caught by the other party. There is no way to survive!”

After that, Takehiko’s expression dimmed, and he murmured: “Tanaka, you and I are getting killed here today…”