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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1793 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1793 Start

Before the vehicle lost control and hit the roadside fence, Ito never thought he would be in danger.

Because, Takehiko Ito is protected by the entire Koka Ninja.

It can be said that now in the big Japanese family, only his ninja has not suffered any harm or loss of combat.

In addition to him, the young and middle-aged of the Tenglin family are almost wiped out, and the Iga family also lost half of their combat effectiveness.

However, Ito’s biggest negligence was that he went out too lightly this time.

He felt that he was going to the TMPD for questioning and cooperating with the investigation, and there was a police officer driving ahead and going to the TMPD by himself. There can be no one else thinking about him on the way to the TMPD. Right?

It is precise because of this that he did not arrange too many ninjas to protect himself.

However, he never expected that the police car that cleared the road would have been threatened and threatened by Matsumoto. Matsumoto laid a net and waited for him to get in.

Takehiko Ito’s motorcade suddenly lost control, mainly because a large number of slings had been planted by Iga Ninja on the road!

The so-called Saling is the most commonly used weapon of Japanese ninjas. It is generally a metal product covered with spikes. No matter how it is scattered on the ground, Saling will reveal several spikes facing in different directions.

In ancient times, when a Japanese ninja was hunted down, he would use Saling behind him. When the opponent catches up, as long as he stepped on it, he would pierce the sole of his foot.

And the current ninja has made a big upgrade to Saling. The current Saling uses extremely sturdy tungsten carbide alloy, which is also the hardest steel material in the world, with hardness equal to diamond.

Therefore, with such a sling, you can easily puncture any rubber tire!

The reason why Takehiko Ito’s team lost control in an instant was that the four tires of each car were stabbed by several slings, so without exception, they all lost control and crashed into the roadside.

At the moment of the collision, the cigar that Takehiko had just lit fell on his crotch, and his whole body was shaken by the impact.

Fortunately, this Old Master has good safety habits, even if he is sitting in the rear seat, he also buckles his seat belt.

Otherwise, with the violent impact just now, no matter how good the car is, it will not be possible to offset the inertia on his body.

If one head hits the back of the front seat, 80% chance for him that he will lose his life.

At this time, several of Ito’s bodyguards and two ninjas had gotten out of the two cars, and surrounded Ito’s cars.

At this moment, six Iga ninjas suddenly leaped into the sky from the opposite lane, each of them gripping the ninja sword in both hands and killing them with all their faces!

Hiroshi Tanaka, who was in the co-pilot, turned pale, turned his head and said to Takehiko: “President! How come there are ninjas? Could it be sent by Takahashi?!”

Takehiko was about to speak, and suddenly he yelled, and looked down, the cigar has burned through his pants and burned a scar on the inner thigh.

He hurriedly picked up the cigar, threw it aside, and blurted out: “Where is the police car leading the way?”

The driver said at this time: “President, the police car has already driven away…”

“Off?!” Takehiko cursed dumbfounded: “We are ambushed, and they drove away?! Is this a f*cking human trait?!”

Hiroshi Tanaka suddenly realized it, and he blurted out: “President, did the police officers deliberately lure you out?”

Takehiko roared: “b*stards! There is such a beast, who is deliberately calculating me!”