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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1791 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1791 Start

When Charlie and Nanako walked hand in hand in the quiet snowy night of Kyoto, Tokyo was still under currents.

At this time, Machi Takahashi was at home, anxiously waiting for the news of Tenglin Ninja.

The Tenglin family is more anxious than him.

Because so far, the Tenglin family has lost ten ninjas, and almost all the young backbone of the family has perished.

Even though ten people are not too many, a family with ten young men is already a very large family.

First of all, these ten young adults have at least one or two generations of elders, mom and dad, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and at least ten people in total.

Secondly, these ten young adults are all males, but it is impossible for all young adults in a family to be males. If the male to female ratio is one to one, then there are at least ten females in the family.

Once again, at least half of the ten young men are married and have children. They have wives and children.

In this way, a family must have at least fifty or sixty people in order to have ten male young adults.

Now, the prime-age males of the Tenglin family have all been folded in, and the family’s combat effectiveness has dropped sharply.

In this case, naturally, there is no ability to separate manpower to protect Takahashi.

Therefore, there is no ninja in Takahashi’s home except for some bodyguards.

It was late at night, and Takahashi was still not tired.

On the one hand, he is still griefing for the tragic death of his son Eiki; on the other hand, he wants to wait to see if he can still contact the missing Tenglin Ninja.

Although he knew subconsciously that the Tenglin Ninja sent to Kyoto had been murdered 80% of the time, but deep in his heart, he still held a glimmer of hope.

He felt that at least before he saw the corpse, there was still a possibility that things could come back. Maybe after a while, those Tenglin Ninjas would contact him?

Just as Takahashi was pacing back and forth in the living room, waiting anxiously, a very thin blow arrow suddenly shot out from the corner, and one shot hit Takahashi’s back neck.

Machi Takahashi, who had just suffered the pain of losing his son, had not had time to figure out how to avenge him, and suddenly he was poisoned and fell to the ground!

The bodyguards discovered that he suddenly fell to the ground, and they gathered around him. After a closer look, they found that he had lost his breath and heartbeat!

When the bodyguards searched for the murderer in amazement, the several Iga ninjas who had sneaked into the Tenglin family had already retreated.

In normal times, the Tenglin family will arrange at least four ninjas to lurch beside him, secretly protect him and prevent him from being assassinated by other ninjas.

But today, there is no ninja beside him.

Without the protection of a ninja, just relying on ordinary bodyguards, in front of the ninja is almost like no one.

Therefore, it is not difficult for the ninja to take the head of Takahashi.

Poor Machi Takahashi, just as the white-haired man gave away the black-haired man, he died too!


At the same time.

Just as Takehiko Ito fell asleep, he heard a knock on the door.

He asked with some annoyance: “It’s so late, what is there? If it’s not something important, I’ll talk about it tomorrow!”

Hiroshi Tanaka said in a hurry: “President, the police officer from the TMPD is here again, saying that there are still some things that need your cooperation to go to the TMPD for another questioning.”

“I have to face some questioning?!” Takehiko roared angrily: “I have said everything that should be said, and there is nothing left to say!”

Tanaka explained: “My Grace, the other party said that the Su family has been putting pressure on them, and it might cause an international diplomatic incident, so they ask you to cooperate.”

“International diplomatic incident?!”

Hearing this, Ito yelled angrily: “d*mn, it’s really annoying!”