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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1788 Free Novel

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For ordinary people, this kind of medicine is simply a panacea. It can be used by the elderly to prolong life for more than ten or twenty years; young people take it, and the body can be more than many times stronger than ordinary people; the injured take it, even if only one breath is left. , And can definitely strengthen the opponent’s body on the basis of restoring the original.

In the beginning, Orvel was almost completely killed by Regnar’s men, leaving only the last breath, and he was saved with a rejuvenating pill.

That rejuvenating pill not only saved Orvel’s life, but also made him a few years younger, and his body was better than before the injury.

This is mainly because the effect of Rejuvinating Pill is too strong. When Orvel was cured, there is still remaining effect to improve his body.

Although Nanako’s injury was also very serious, in Charlie’s view, at most half a rejuvenating pill could be enough.

If she takes a whole rejuvenating pill, it goes without saying that Nanako’s strength will be upgraded by one or two levels at the peak state before!

Therefore, Charlie had a question in his heart.

Should I give half a rejuvenating pill for Nanako, or just give her one and give her a chance.

Charlie is not a stingy person, and the main reason why he is entangled with half or one is because Nanako is not his compatriot.

As the saying goes, people who are not of my race must have different hearts.

I dare not say that the other party must be harmful, but at least it is difficult to keep one mind with the people of the different race.

And Nanako is a martial arts master, has been participating in various international competitions, and originally planned to participate in the next Olympic Games.

If he allowed her to improve significantly, she would definitely pose a threat to Aoxue in the future.

If Nanako represented Japan and defeated Aoxue who represents China in the next international competition, wouldn’t it be equivalent to handing over the champion’s title that should belong to China to Japan?

Charlie’s hesitation was based on this.

It stands to reason that he can give half a rejuvenating pill to Nanako, so that she can fully recover, which is equivalent to giving her a great good fortune.

However, considering that Nanako is obsessed with martial arts and has a pious mentality.

Therefore, in Charlie’s own selfish heart, he also wanted to give her another chance so that she could study the martial arts she loved more deeply.

Thinking of this, Charlie looked at Nanako and asked her: “Nanako, if I can cure you, can you promise me a condition?”

Nanako said without hesitation: “Master, even if you can’t cure me, I will agree to any of your conditions, and I will never hesitate!”

Charlie nodded and said seriously: “I want you to promise me that after I cure you, if you still love martial arts, just concentrate on studying it yourself, but don’t participate in any form of international competitions, you can promise?”

“Yes!” Nanako said with a firm gaze: “After the last match, I deeply reflected on the principles you taught me before. Martial arts is a spirit, not a competition, so I myself have lost that kind of passion.”

Speaking of this, she looked at Charlie affectionately, and said seriously: “Since I met Master, I have known what is the truth that there are people outside the world and the heavens outside the world. A real top expert like Master will not participate in the so-called competition, only throw Only with the desire for competition, victory and defeat, can we have the opportunity to achieve a more sophisticated martial arts training. Therefore, if I really have a chance to recover from the beginning, I will definitely not participate in any competitions!”

Seeing what she said was serious and firm, Charlie felt relieved.

Immediately, he looked at Nanako, smiled slightly, took out a rejuvenation pill from his pocket, handed it to her, and smiled: “Nanako, if you take this pill, it will not only restore you to the original, but also your body strength will also improve!”