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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1787 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1787 Start

Nanako couldn’t believe that Charlie could really heal her.

But when she thought that the man in front of her who was eager to try to heal her was the one she loved, she was willing to give a try.

So she shyly handed her right hand to Charlie, and said shyly: “Master, then…please!”

Charlie nodded slightly, and stretched out his fingers to gently place her veins.

A trace of aura traveled through Nanako’s veins into her body, and within the blink of an eye, it completely wandered through her body.

After a while, Charlie took the opportunity to see the specific situation of Nanako’s injury.

From this look, he discovered that her injury was indeed serious.

Almost all of her organs have suffered serious internal injuries. Not only that, but the meridians and bones are also damaged. The whole person seems to have become a fragmented porcelain doll. A little carelessness may cause serious secondary injuries.

Although she has been rescued from danger to life after being rescued, her whole body has been in a state of very low safety.

She is currently less than one-fifth of ordinary people.

Someone who fell might be unharmed, stand up and dust the dirt and leave. If she falls, it would be life-threatening, and she would have to be sent back to the hospital for treatment.

Charlie could imagine how severe pain Nanako’s body would have to endure from such a severe injury, and the pain was continuous, even in her sleep.

Thinking of this, Charlie couldn’t help but feel distressed, and said with emotion: “I told you at the time that martial arts is a kind of spirit. There is no need to care too much about winning or losing the game, let alone putting yourself in a dangerous situation in the game. , Why were you betting your life against Aoxue?”

Nanako said with some shame: “Master, I was not betting on her life, but hoped to go all out without leaving any regrets…”

Having said this, she sighed and smiled bitterly: “It’s just that I didn’t clearly realize the gap between myself and Aoxue. She was really too strong, incredible…”

Charlie shook his head helplessly.

At this time, he also has his own treatment plan.

There are two options for treating Nanako.

The first is to directly use the aura in her body to repair the damage suffered. Compared with ordinary people, her body is indeed seriously damaged, but for him, it is not a big problem. With the aura it will be repaired soon;

This method is simple, direct and convenient, with many benefits.

However, this approach has drawbacks.

If he directly repaired her injury with Aura, how would he explain it to her?

After all, Nanako doesn’t have a deep cultivation base, and she can’t realize the existence of aura. In her opinion, he may just touch her hand and heal her in a confused way. This may be too incredible for her.

And the second way is to let her swallow the rejuvenating pills.

The efficacy of Rejuvenating Pill is beyond doubt.