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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1781 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1781 Start

Zhiyu was hurt by Charlie’s attitude.

She looked at Charlie’s profile, bit her lower lip vigorously, did not speak anymore, turned and left the courtyard with her brother.

The siblings staggered out, and Zhifei asked in a low voice, “Zhiyu, those ninjas were defeated by the young man just now?”

Zhiyu said solemnly: “It’s not that young man, it’s Grace.”

Zhifei nodded in a hurry: “Well, it’s Grace, so were those ninjas defeated by him with bare hands?”

“Hmm.” Zhiyu said seriously: “I have never seen such a strong person…this is the first time…”

Zhifei smacked his lips and said, “It would be great if he could be included in the Su family and used for the future.”

“Impossible.” Zhiyu shook her head: “Grace has an arrogant personality and will definitely not be used by others, and he may be the top master of the hidden Sejong Sect. He may not put the Su family in his eyes.”

Zhifei said angrily: “It’s also…hey…thanks to your benefactor, otherwise the two of us will have to die in Kyoto…”

After he finished speaking, he was busy and said again: “By the way, Zhiyu, hurry up and call dad! This time we were kidnapped, the family must have sent a lot of masters over, it is very likely that dad is here too! You have to let him know about us that we are in Kyoto, also ask him to quickly chop off Matsumoto [email protected]! I really didn’t expect it to be this [email protected] who has been doing bad things behind our back!”

Zhiyu nodded and took out her cell phone too busy.

At this time, a burst of fire suddenly appeared behind them, turning the originally dark night into red!

Zhiyu hurriedly turned around, and saw that the two-story small building where they had almost died just now was ignited in an instant!

The wooden buildings burned, and there was a crackling sound of wood cracking, a bit like the sound of firecrackers. With this heavy snow, it also had a taste of Chinese New Year.

Zhifei touched his chin and asked Zhiyu: “Zhiyu, did you say those ninjas died?”

Zhiyu asked back: “Is it possible to survive such a big fire?”

Zhifei waved his hand: “I didn’t mean that, I mean, did the benefactor kill them first and then set the fire, or did he just put them all in a pot?”

Zhiyu felt a bit of cold air coming out of her back, and immediately shook her head: “This kind of thing…I can’t say it…”

After that, Charlie’s figure appeared in her mind again, and she couldn’t help muttering: “Benevolence, he… is not a mortal… I really want to know what his identity is. …..”

Zhifei smiled and said: “If you want to know, let the family check it out. In the country, who else has a clue that we can’t find?”

Zhiyu shook her head: “Benevolence obviously doesn’t want us to know his identity. If we deliberately investigate, what if we anger him?”

Zhifei smacked his lips: “Oh, that’s what I said…”

After that, he thought of Charlie’s previous conversation with Iga Kamino and said, “By the way, when I was covered with my head just now, I heard En-gong tell the Iga family that he seems to be the Ito family Missy’s friend?”

“Oh yes!” Zhiyu nodded and blurted out: “The reason why he came here is for Ito’s daughter.”

Zhifei said: “It seems to be called Nanako?”

“Yes.” Zhiyu blurted out: “It’s Nanako, a very beautiful girl, and she’s also a martial artist.”

Zhifei said in some gossip: “Hey, Zhiyu, do you think Grace is Nanako’s boyfriend? Maybe he can even become Ito’s future son-in-law. Let’s cooperate more with Ito in the future. , More contact, maybe there is still a chance to see Grace.”

Zhiyu heard this and suddenly became very uncomfortable.

She was extremely disappointed and asked: “Is Grace really Nanako’s boyfriend? Grace is Chinese, why should he be with a woman from Japan? Shouldn’t he fall in love, get married, or have children with a Chinese woman?”

Thinking of this, Zhiyu sighed faintly, and said: “Let me call Dad first…”

“Okay.” Zhifei nodded, bent over and grabbed a handful of snow from the ground, and smeared it on his face, sighing with emotion: “Oh, the feeling of the rest of my life is really good…”