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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1780 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1780 Start

Zhiyu hurriedly asked, “My dear man! I wonder if you can lend me your phone. I want to call home. I have lost my phone…”

Zhiyu said that she wanted to make a phone call at home, but actually wanted to take this opportunity to get Charlie’s phone number.

Now is the information age. As long as she can get the other party’s mobile phone number, she can get all the other party’s identity information.

In this case, after returning home, she will be able to find this benefactor.

Even if Charlie saw through the other party’s tricks, he sneered and said: “I’m sorry, the mobile phone is a personal item, so you can’t borrow it.”

After speaking, he reached out and took out a mobile phone from a ninja, and threw it to Zhiyu: “Hey, use this, call your family, tell them the location, and let them send someone to pick you up as soon as possible.”

Zhiyu was stunned to pick up the phone. The phone hit her lap. She was extremely disappointed, but she couldn’t show it, so she picked it up and said gratefully, “Thank you, Grace!”

Charlie flipped through the ninja again, and found out a very thin personal wallet, which contained five ten thousand yen banknotes in addition to the person’s ID.

Although it is not much, it is enough for them to find a place to stay, wait a few hours, and wait for their family to pick them up.

No matter what, this money enough for them to take the train back to Tokyo.

So Charlie handed the money to Zhiyu, and said: “You take the money, go with your brother quickly.”

Zhiyu hesitated in her heart.

She really didn’t want to leave like this.

Because she didn’t know Charlie’s identity yet, for fear that she would never see him ever again.

At this moment, she wanted to tell Charlie her identity so that he would come to her if he encountered any difficulties after returning home.

However, when the words came to her lips, she swallowed it back.

This is because she knew in her heart that an unruly top expert like Charlie would never put her identity in his eyes. If she told him that she was the granddaughter of Su family, it would be counterproductive.

He might think that she deliberately used her identity to put pressure on him, and thus disgusted herself;

He may also avoid her completely in the country from now on because he does not want to have any intersection with her.

In that case, revealing the identity now would be self-defeating.

So, she had to stand up, bowed deeply to Charlie, and said sincerely: “Benevolence, thank you for your life-saving grace, if there is a chance to meet again in the future, I will definitely repay your kindness for today!”

Zhifei also bowed aside: “Grace, thank you!”

Charlie waved his hand: “Okay, leave now, I have business work later, I have no time to be polite with you here.”

Zhifei was a little embarrassed, so he nodded his head again and again: “Sorry, we delayed your business…”

Zhiyu looked at Charlie, bit her lower lip, trying to say something, but finally gave up.

When she and Zhifei came to the wooden stairs on the second floor side by side, he suddenly turned around, hugged Charlie, and said with great reluctance and piousness: “Grace, if there is a destiny in the future, we will see you again!”

Charlie didn’t lift his head, and said coldly, “I won’t see you again.”