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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 178 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 178 Start

It was Charlie’s mother-in-law, Elaine!

Coming with Elaine is Charlie’s father-in-law Jacob!

Charlie and Claire were a little surprised, why did they both come here?

Claire hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “Parents, why are you here?”

Elaine said: “Your uncle and aunt called us, saying that they want to see the Tomson house, and let us come over and help them come up with ideas.”

When Elaine said this, she looked at Charlie, somewhat annoyed in her heart.

In fact, she didn’t want to come over at all, because she had just got angry with her daughter yesterday and said she wanted to move out of the old house, but unexpectedly, she received a call from Noah’s family today and they asked her and her husband to come and show them the house.

What house to see? Don’t they just want to call them over to show them that they want to buy at Tomson?

Elaine was uncomfortable with anger, but because she didn’t dare not give face to the Willson family boss, she had to rush over with her husband as a foil.

That’s why she was upset with Charlie in every way. If she finds a talented son-in-law, she might be able to live in Tomson first!

At this time, she looked at her sister-in-law Horiyah with a flattering expression, and said with emotion: “Sister-in-law, you are really amazing! You bought a house in Tomson in a blink of an eye! I really envy you! I don’t know how long our family can live in that old house. From such a luxurious house like Tomson! What you bought is 240 square meters? I see if our family can’t save so much money in 50 years!”

Although she was very upset with the eldest family, Elaine also knew that she had to slap them, so she came up with three horses.

Harold’s mother, Horiyah Qian’s expression was extremely ugly, she glared at Elaine and said coldly: “Elaine, what do you mean by this? Do you look down on people?”

Horiyah Qian’s heart is almost exploded!

She wanted to call Jacob and Elaine over and let them witness the purchase of a first-grade Tomson mansion with their own eyes, so that they had a sense of existence in front of them, and then satirized them again.

But she didn’t expect that the son-in-law has the ability! he actually got a Tomson first-class mansion villa!

This is really maddening her, and she is also jealous of death.

Now that Elaine is here, she deliberately complimented her for buying a 240-square-meter building. Isn’t this a mockery of her?

Your family has hundreds of millions of worth villa, and you still say you envy me? You also said that you can’t live in such a luxurious house. Isn’t this a curse?

Elaine didn’t know what was going on, she slapped Horiyah Qian’s flattery when she came, but Horiyah Qian said that she looked down on people, and she was so wrong in her heart. The Lady Willson licked her when she came, and she disliked her of course. Look down on her? Does look down on her if she kneel?

So Elaine hurriedly bites the bullet and continued flattering: “Oh, sister-in-law, I am compared with you, that is, the candle meets the sun, and it is far behind. How can I look down on you! You see how good your life is, you’re going to live in the Tomson first-grade house. Look at me again. I still live in the small broken house. Hey, our little broken house is really broken and rotten. How does it compare with your Tomson first-grade house! So of course I Envy you!”

Horiyah Qian was even more irritated by what she tried to say something, she couldn’t even speak her words.

Her husband, Noah Willson next to her, gritted his teeth and cursed: “Elaine, is it interesting for you to blame Horiyah here? Isn’t it just a villa? What are you bullish for?”

After that, he looked at his brother Jacob and said coldly: “Jacob, am I still a brother in the eyes of you husband and wife? You have a villa and are calling ours big one.”

Jacob was stunned: “Villa? What villa? Brother, are you going to buy a villa? so Rich!”