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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1779 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1779 Start

As soon as Charlie’s words fell, people already rushed out!

His physical function and speed are already far comparable to others, so these ninjas are not given a chance at all.

Every time he catches one, he directly hits the opponent’s abdomen with a heavy punch, causing the opponent to instantly lose all combat power and escape opportunities.

In the blink of an eye, the six ninjas running away all lay on the ground one by one.

Zhiyu was dumbfounded!

As the eldest granddaughter of the Su family, she is also one of the most favored children. She has been in contact with Masters hidden behind the Su family since childhood, but in her opinion, Charlie’s strength is far above those people!

What she can’t understand is that the hidden masters enshrined by the Su family are hard to pick in the country. In theory, they have touched the ceiling of martial arts, but why is Charlie so powerful that it is incredible.

The appearance of Charlie suddenly raised the ceiling of martial arts in her mind by more than thousand levels!

Seeing a group of ninjas lying on the ground wailing, Zhiyu was shocked and relieved.

She knew that she and her brother were finally saved.

So, she couldn’t help but looked at Charlie excitedly, and blurted out: “Benevolence! Thank you so much today! don’t know what to say? If you are willing to leave your name, I will do my best to return the great kindness!”

At this time, Charlie finally turned his head and looked at Zhiyu.

Zhiyu is very beautiful. Even with her tortured hands tied behind her back, her short hair is messyly attached to her face, but she still can’t hide her perfect facial features and beauty.

However, Charlie didn’t like this woman very much.

First of all, he doesn’t like the character of this woman.

In his opinion, this woman is self-righteous and arrogant, even if she can’t see these characteristics at all, but combined with the impression of the first meeting, Charlie believes that he is right.

Secondly, he didn’t like the woman’s looks either.

Zhiyu is really beautiful, but her attitude is also really cold and arrogant, even with a bit of aggressive heroism.

In fact, in one sentence, this woman is a bit too pretending.

Charlie doesn’t like people who like to pretend to be like her.

As the saying goes, there is no room for two tigers in one mountain, and the two auras repel each other, even if the tiger is a female.

So Charlie said calmly: “Whoever I am, don’t bother you. I also don’t want to know who you are. I am here today not to save you, but to kill them. As for saving you, But it’s just a matter of convenience, so you don’t have to thank me.”

Zhiyu has never been underestimated in her life, but she has encountered Charlie twice.

However, at this moment, she doesn’t have the slightest temper. She can only nod respectfully and sincerely said: “Anyway, thank you very much!”

Charlie didn’t speak, walked to her and untied the rope on her body.

After that, he pulled off her brother’s headgear, and pulled off the towel that was stuck in his mouth.

Zhifei has not been able to speak, nor has he seen everything that happened in this room, but when he heard Charlie’s voice, he had already guessed that it was him. Seeing Charlie at this moment, the first sentence was: “You Brother, your great kindness, we brother and sister will never forget!”

Charlie untied the rope on his body and said blankly: “Okay, don’t talk so much nonsense, I will set fire to burn this place later, you two quickly run away.”