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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1778 Free Novel

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Charlie sneered: “According to you, you kill two people casually and bury them in her home in the snow. Didn’t it mean to harm her and her family?”

Iga Kaminori was stunned. He was very eager to survive, and hurriedly tossed Matsumoto Ryoto: “In fact, we are commissioned by others. It is Matsumoto Ryoto who really wants to deal with the Ito family. It has nothing to do with us… ..”

Charlie asked back: “You are helping the gang to abuse you, and now you still tell me it doesn’t matter, are your ninja bones so soft?”

Iga Kamino suppressed the humiliation in his heart, and said: “I believe in an old saying in your country… It’s better to die than to live… Please give me a chance, I am willing to help you After the saddle…”

Charlie shook his head: “After you saddle me, you are not qualified.”

After all, he looked around for a long time and said lightly: “You are the same, get ready to go on the road!”

As soon as Iga Kamino heard this, he immediately roared, “Go together, kill him! Kill him! Kill him and have a chance to live, otherwise he will have to wait for death!”

When everyone heard it, their faces were immediately full of awe.

They also knew very well that Charlie was too strong, and if he confronted them head-on, or let him break one by one, everyone would be finished!

The best way is to attack in group. In any case, try your best to kill him. As for how many people like them can survive, it all depends on their own good fortune!

As a result, the remaining six ninjas rushed towards Charlie with their swords mad, and everyone’s expressions were extremely hideous!

Zhiyu saw so many people attacking Charlie, the heart jumped to her throat!

However, she didn’t make any sound, let alone remind Charlie to be careful, because she knew that she didn’t need to do anything to interfere with Charlie’s concentration.

She observed him with hot eyes, and murmured in her heart: “Today, my life and death depends entirely on this man who does not yet know her name!”

“If he dies, I will definitely die; if he survives, maybe he will let my brother and me live a life…”

“You gentleman, what happened last time was that I was wrong. I have already apologized to you countless times in my heart. This time, I hope you can survive, even if I eventually die, I don’t want you to die because of me… …”

When she thought of this, a group of ninjas had already passed through the entire hall and surrounded Charlie tightly.

Charlie didn’t change his face. Seeing six swords slashing at him, with a wave of his hand, he directly waved Iga Kamino’s body!

Seven people including Iga Kamino didn’t expect Charlie to use him as a meat shield!

At this moment, Iga was frightened and screamed: “Stop! Stop!”

However, the six men came down fiercely, and they had already reached the stage of raising the sword, how could they be able to get it back!

Iga Kamino watched as six swords slashed down, and in a short time, they slashed on him one after another!

Iga Kaminori felt severe pain all over his body, gritted his teeth and groaned: “Fools! Wastes! Eight quacks!”

As soon as the voice fell, he died suddenly by vomiting blood!

Seeing that Iga Kamino was hacked to death by them, the six people turned pale with fright. At this moment, Charlie suddenly slammed Iga Kamino’s corpse, and flew away!

The remaining six ninjas did not recover at all. They only felt that the tiger’s mouth was shaken, and the ninja sword disappeared!

At this time, the six were shocked, and some of them had completely lost their intent to fight and turned to flee!

At this moment, Charlie sneered: “Since you have already made a move, it’s my turn now!”