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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1777 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1777 Start

Charlie’s words made everyone more frightened immediately!

They realized at this time that Charlie had just kicked two pieces of broken glass ballast with his toes just now, and he had directly and accurately cut off Iga Kamino’s two hand muscles!

It is not difficult to kick the glass ballast.

It’s not difficult to hurt people with kicked glass ballast.

But the difficulty is that it is impossible to accurately cut off a person’s two hand muscles with a kicked glass fragment!

What’s more, instead of standing there and letting the opponent attack, Iga Kamino rushed all the way to the opponent, and would be cut off from his hands while moving at a high speed. This head is incredible!

Moreover, Charlie can completely subdue Iga Kamino with just one hand, and this ability is also incredible!

What kind of perverted strength is it that can reach this point? !

Zhiyu also looked silly!

At this moment, Charlie nailed Iga Kamino to the wall with one hand, it was like a god in her eyes!

At this time, Iga Kamino was still struggling, trying to break away from Charlie’s control, but the tiger’s mouth on Charlie’s right hand was like steel bars, leaving only a little space for him to breathe.

Iga Kamino struggled and asked with a slight voice, “You…who are you?!”

“Me?” Charlie smiled: “I am your Chinese father.”

Iga Kamino’s expression was extremely ugly, as were other people’s expressions.

However, at this moment, no one dared to attack Charlie.

Because they knew that with Charlie’s strength, Iga Kamino’s neck could be chopped off easily.

At this time, Iga Kamino gritted his teeth and asked: “I have no grievances with you, what do you want?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “I want your life!”

After finishing speaking, he looked at the dumb ninjas and sneered: “Oh yes, I also want your life.”

Everyone took a step back, holding knives in both hands, but their expressions were full of horror.

At this time, Iga Kamino shouted: “Hurry up and tie that woman! Come on!”

As soon as the voice fell, a ninja rushed up, put the ninja sword on Zhiyu’s neck, and said nervously: “Let him go! Otherwise, I will kill her!”

Charlie gave a hum, and said lightly: “If you want to kill, feel free to kill. don’t know her either.”

Iga Kamino said hoarsely: “You don’t bluff me here! Didn’t you come to save her?!”

Charlie said calmly: “Of course not! I came to Kyoto today to visit my old friend, that is, Miss Nanako of the Ito family. As a result, your people are so dying to go to the Ito family to inquire. Just came here.”

As soon as Charlie said these words, Iga Kamino was ashamed!

He really thought that Charlie was a member of the Su family, or a master hired by the Su family, who came to rescue Zhiyu and Zhifei. Then he could use the lives of the brother and sister as a bargaining chip, perhaps in exchange for way out.

However, he never thought that this person turned out to be here for Nanako, so he followed the person he sent to step on it all the way!

Thinking of this, Iga Kamino suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly pleaded: “You gentleman, we have no intention of hurting Miss Ito. We just wanted to kill these two people and then blame the Ito family. We didn’t even think about going to be bad for Miss Ito!”