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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1776 Free Novel

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This time, they met, it was Charlie!

Charlie’s face did not change at this time, and his toes gently rubbed on the ground, and a triangular piece of broken glass ballast on the ground suddenly bounced from the ground at a very fast speed, and went straight to Iga Kamino!

In the blink of an eye, Charlie kicked another piece of glass ballast again, and shot in the same direction!

As Iga Kamino rushed, he suddenly saw two crystal clear and colorful things in his eyes, like two shooting stars one after another, passing by his vision in an instant!

Before he had time to think about what it was, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right wrist holding the ninja sword!

In less than a blink of an eye, the same pain suddenly came from his left wrist!

After a while, he felt that his hands lost strength in a short time, and the ninja sword in his hand immediately took off and fell to the ground.

At the same time, two warm red water mists from unknown sources rushed onto his face immediately…

When he smelled the strong bloody smell in the red water mist, he finally realized that his hands had been cut off by the two meteor-like rays of light!

And the two red water mists that spewed out were blood mists spewing out from the wrists of his two hands!

He was shocked! He doesn’t understand why this happened at all!

At this moment, Charlie suddenly rushed forward!

He grabbed Iga Kamino by the neck and picked up his body directly!

At the same time, Charlie has also avoided the encirclement of other people!

This group of mad dog-like ninjas thought that Charlie might choose a direction to break through, but none of them expected that Charlie would choose Iga Kamino’s direction to breakthrough!

Didn’t this take the initiative to hit the hardest wall? !

However, Charlie chose the hardest one among them!

At this time, Iga Kamino, the whole person was provoked by Charlie pinching the neck with one hand, and the wrists of both hands were still bleeding. Although the arms can still move, they can’t move completely below the wrists, so they can’t move completely. Lost all attack power!

Charlie pinched his neck, walked straight through the hall from the window, and then slammed his body against the wall with one hand!

At the same time, Charlie still kept the posture of pinching his neck with one hand, making him 30 centimeters above the ground!

At this time, Iga Kamino, with his legs hanging in the air, stuck to the wall, relying on Charlie’s hand to get stuck so that he would not slip off the wall.

But the tremendous strength in Charlie’s hands made him almost unable to breathe, his legs kicked, his face was dark purple!

Everyone at the scene was frightened!

Especially the few Iga Ninjas, feeling that the whole worldview has been subverted!

Everyone is horrified, what is the origin of this man? !

He… why is he so strong!

More than strong!

It’s like a god!

The powerful Iga Kamino, under his hand, has fallen like a dead dog!

What kind of perverted ability is necessary to form such an Abneral and thorough crush on Iga Kamino? !

At this time, Charlie’s expression was extremely cold, but the corners of his mouth appeared to be extremely ridiculous, and he sneered word by word: “It turns out! This is what the ninjutsu is! What a long time waste!”