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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1774 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1774 Start

Iga Ninja immediately said: “OK Mr. Matsumoto, we are always at your disposal!”

Ryoto Matsumoto sneered and said: “By the way, the two you kidnapped, their family members have come to Tokyo, I hope you will make these two people die a little bit more tragically, when the police find their bodies, the more miserable the scene the better, the more miserable they die, the more angry their family members will be, and this event will be even more exciting!”

Iga Ninja hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, we will do it!”

Ryoto Matsumoto said: “That woman is said to be pretty good. You might as well abuse her before killing her. If her family sees her being abused to death, they will definitely hate Takehiko more!”

When Iga Ninja heard this, he suddenly laughed and said: “In fact, my brothers have been coveting this woman, but I was worried that your good deeds will be broken, so I have been stopping them, but since you say this, I am completely relieved!”

Ryoto Matsumoto laughed and said, “It’s okay, let the brothers enjoy it. By the way, you can come together. By the way, you can take some videos that will not expose your faces. If you send it out then, it will definitely have a better effect, haha Haha!”

Ninja Iga laughed similarly: “Mr. Matsumoto, don’t worry, we will definitely shoot a blockbuster for you!”

Zhiyu at this time, her face pale in fright.

She tremblingly pleaded: “I beg you to kill me directly, don’t ruin my innocence…”

“Innocence?” Iga Ninja smiled and asked: “So, you are still innocent? A super beauty like you still retains innocence. This is really rare, such a precious gift, I must disassemble you myself later!”

Ryoto Matsumoto smiled on the other side of the phone and said, “Okay Iga Kamino, I won’t bother you with good things. You still have an hour and a half to indulge yourself. After an hour and a half, kill them, and then Bury the corpse in Takehiko’s mansion!”

Iga Ninja hurriedly said, “Mr. Matsumoto, don’t worry. After two hours, the bodies of these two people will lie in the snow in the Ito Mansion! You will be able to reveal the news to the TMPD.”

“Very good! I will never treat you badly after it’s done!”

The Ninja hung up the phone, looked at Zhiyu, and rubbed his hands in excitement: “Beauty, before you die, I will let you taste the ultimate happiness of a woman. For your good, you must obediently cooperate with me. If you make me happy, I can give you a reward!”

Zhiyu almost collapsed. She burst into tears and said in horror: “Please, kill me now…”

Iga Kamino laughed: “It’s not so easy to want to die now. I have to ask my brothers if they agree!”

Zhiyu shivered in shock, and blurted out, “Help! Help!”

Iga Kamino sneered: “To tell you the truth, the several houses around here are all focused on repairs. Even if you shout at the top of your voice, there is no way anyone will come to rescue you! You can keep your voice and stay under me. Scream happily, the harder you call, the more excited I will be, hahahaha!”

The other ninjas also laughed presumptuously.

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang: “You group of beasts, together to bully a girl, do you think you deserve to live?”

It was Charlie who spoke!