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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1772 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1772 Start

Charlie turned around and smiled softly: “Don’t worry, I will be back soon.”

After speaking, he stepped away from Nanako’s room and disappeared into the vast snowy night.


In the wind and snow, the Iga ninja who came to step on the spot was running fast in the night.

He moves quickly and is as light as a swallow. Under the cover of the night, he is almost like an elusive ghost.

However, he would never have thought that right behind him, he was also followed by a super master who was a hundred times stronger than him. This super master was Charlie.

Ninja Iga ran for two kilometers without stopping, and finally stopped at a courtyard door. Then he came to the courtyard’s simple door, buttoned the door four times in two long and two short ways, and the door opened from the inside. A gap where only one person can pass sideways.

Immediately afterwards, he quickly stepped in and disappeared.

But Charlie concealed his breath and heartbeat, and quietly jumped onto the wall, carefully watching the courtyard.

The entire courtyard is not too big. The front yard is more than 200 square meters, with some bamboo and ancient pine planted, and behind the courtyard is a wooden two-story building.

The Iga Ninja, who had just entered, went straight through the front yard and entered the two-story building.

Charlie could feel that there were more than six or seven people in this building, so he walked along the wall and quietly came to the building.

At this time, on the second floor of this building, there is a hall of about 50 square meters. In the hall, there is a ninja in black. In addition, on the floor in the middle, there are two quilts. People with big ties and balaclavas.

The ninja that Charlie followed all the way, after stepping up to the second floor, reported to one of the ninjas headed by: “Master, I have just found out that the internal defense of the Ito family mansion is very weak, and there are only less than ten people. The strength of guards is average!”

The leading ninja hummed and said: “This time we are going to quietly throw the corpses of these two Chinese people in, so even if the opponent’s strength is weak, we have to make sure not to disturb anyone, quietly. Go in, leave the corpse, and then quietly withdraw.”

After that, he asked again: “Have you found a suitable place to hide the body?”

“Found it!” The ninja hurriedly reported: “In the Ito Mansion, there is a very secluded small courtyard. There is also a pine forest in the small courtyard. Now the snow is thick. We can hide the body there for a short time. It should not be discovered by anyone.”

Speaking of this, he immediately took out his mobile phone, turned out the album, and reported to the Chief Executive: “Master, I took some photos. Please take a look.”

The other party took the phone, flipped it a few times, and nodded in satisfaction: “Yes, at first glance, this pine forest shows that few people go there. The corpse is hidden here. No one will find it for several hours or even ten hours, Mr. Matsumoto. The requirement is for at least two hours not to be discovered by the Ito family. If you hide here, time is enough.”

Another ninja hurriedly asked, “Master, when will we kill these two Chinese?”

The leader looked at the time and said, “Wait a minute, I’ll call Mr. Matsumoto.”

At this time, Zhiyu, who was wearing a black headgear, struggled violently.

Because her mouth was blocked, she could only whimper with her nose, trying to attract the other’s attention.

The headed ninja frowned, pulled off her headgear, and observed at Zhiyu, who was extremely haggard and full of horror, and asked coldly: “What? Do you have any last words to say?”