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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1771 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1771 Start

Brother and sister Zhifei and Zhiyu have been transported directly to Kyoto since they were taken out of Tokyo.

At this time, the brother and sister were imprisoned in a house less than two kilometers away from here.

The ninjas of the Iga family are responsible for guarding them.

They have been waiting for Ryoto Matsumoto’s order. If Ryoto Matsumoto lets them do it, they will immediately kill the brother and sister, and then quietly transport their bodies into the Ito family mansion.

However, before Matsumoto issued the order, they had to keep the siblings alive, so as not to be inconvenient to transport after the dead body was too long and stiff.

The ninjas of the Iga family are best at assassination. In their experience, the most convenient time to carry a corpse is within an hour after death. At this time, the corpse is relatively soft and can even be packed in a suitcase, but if it exceeds this time , The body will become more and more rigid.

So they plan to kill the brother and sister immediately after receiving the order of Matsumoto Ryoto, and then take them directly to the Ito’s mansion to find a suitable place to hide.

Just ten minutes ago, Ryoto Matsumoto called and asked them to check the situation in the Ito family mansion.

First, take a look at the defense of Ito’s mansion and find the weakest link. Then they have to find a suitable place to hide the dead body. After confirming it, kill the brothers and sisters directly.

So, an Iga ninja sneaked into the Ito house alone, preparing to step on a spot first.

It was this person that Charlie noticed in Nanako’s room.

This person observed the wall for a while, and seemed to have selected the remote courtyard of Nanako. After looking around for a while, he took out a few photos with his mobile phone, and then quietly rolled down the wall and planned to leave.

Charlie stood up at this time and said to Nanako: “I’ll go out for a while, you are waiting for me here.”

Nanako hurriedly asked: “Master, where are you going?”

Charlie said: “That person was also a ninja just now. He came here alone, and 80% came to step on it. There may be other ninjas behind him. Let me go and see!”

Nanako stretched out her hand to hold him, and said seriously: “Master, please don’t go, it will be dangerous!”

Charlie said seriously: “If there are ninjas peeping in secret, it is very likely that they are conspiring against you. If I don’t go now, they may find you soon. If this is the case, it is better to take the initiative and get it done once and for all. Get rid of them.”

Nanako said nervously, “But I am worried about you…I don’t want Master to take risks for me…”

Charlie smiled slightly and shook his hand and said seriously: “The reason why I came to Kyoto is for you. Whether it is a sword mountain or a sea of ​​fire, since I have come, I will definitely take care of it!”

After speaking, he released Nanako’s hand, turned and left.

Nanako was immediately hit by Charlie’s words. In addition to being moved and happy, her whole heart seemed to be melted by his words.

When Charlie said this sentence, there was no domineering voice, but it gave her an unprecedented sense of security.

Nanako realized that at this moment, she was hopelessly in love with Charlie.

For him, she was willing to give everything, even if he let her sacrifice her life for Charlie, she would never hesitate.

So, she hurriedly reached out and grabbed Charlie, and said piously: “Master, please pay attention to safety. If you have any accidents, Nanako will definitely die for you without hesitation!”