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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1765 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1765 Start

In fact, just as the man raised the ninja sword, the other five people took two steps back.

This is because they don’t want the blood to splash on them when it is sprayed out.

However, their eyes have been staring at Nanako, waiting for the blood to come.

And Nanako herself is also ready to meet death.

However, the picture stopped abruptly at this moment!

The ninja sword held high, has been hovering in the air, and other people don’t know why he has been so late.

When they looked over, they realized that the executioner wielding a sword was already dead!

Only a few centimeters in length was left on the center of his forehead. The wound was too close to the sword body, so only a small amount of blood penetrated from the wound and dripped on the white and thick snow. , A bright red fainted instantly!

Just when these people were dumbfounded and didn’t know what happened, they found that the sword in the hand that pierced this person’s eyebrows was surprisingly familiar!

The person who took the phone to shoot the video shouted in horror: “Ah! This…this is Qingtian’s shuriken!”

This is indeed Tenglin Qingtian’s Shuriken!

After Charlie killed him, he kept all his shurikens, and it just came in handy at this time!

The remaining five people were suddenly shocked!

The tragic death of Tenglin Zhengzhe and Tenglin Qingtian has left them with lingering fears. Now, Tenglin Qingtian’s shuriken killed another member of their family. It can be seen that the crisis is in sight!

The person who took the video with his mobile phone, threw away the phone and blurted out to the other four people: “Arrange an array! Arrange an array!”

The other four people recovered for a while, and took out ninja knives one after another. The five people formed a small circle back to back, and each one was guarded in different directions.

This is the most commonly used pawn formation when ninjas are defending.

At this time, Nanako heard the movement and opened her eyes, and suddenly realized that the man who was about to slash her had become a standing corpse, and the other five people formed a defensive formation like a big enemy!

She hadn’t figured out what was going on. Suddenly, one of the five people suddenly fell straight forward and plunged into the thick snow!

The people around her hurriedly reached out and turned over, only to find that there was a shuriken stuck in the center of his forehead and brow!

The man pointed to the wall and said nervously, “At the wall!”

As a result, the remaining four people gave up the circular defensive formation, one after another with twelve points, staring at the direction where the shuriken shot just now.

One of them trembled and said, “What is the ability to injure people with a secret arrow! Come out if you have the ability!”

Although he said so, he didn’t expect such words to really excite the other party.

After all, this sounds too pediatric, how can the opponent be fooled by him if he has such strength.

However, no one thought that just as his voice fell, a dark figure suddenly jumped down on the wall.

Immediately, the dark shadow took a leisurely pace and strode towards them!

Every time that black shadow took a foot, the snow creaked on the ground, making the four people more and more frightened.

Nanako observed the dark shadow with wide-eyed eyes. She wanted to know who the man who saved her secretly was.

And when the dark shadow came to her to let her see the people, she was instantly struck by lightning!

She never dreamed that the person who saved her would be Charlie, who she had been thinking about for a long time!

At this moment, Nanako thought that she was wrong, and she had hallucinations.

So she wiped her eyes and looked carefully.