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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1763 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1763 Start

The next five minutes are the most painful, suffering, and collapsed five minutes of Takahashi’s life.

He didn’t dare to hang up the phone, because he knew that the next voice he heard might be the last voice his son left in the world.

However, he was also very clear in his heart that the other party would torture his son to death and make him suffer tremendous pain when he died.

As a father, does he really want to listen to his last scream in his ears, but he can do nothing and has no choice?

Immediately afterwards, the murderer poured gasoline into the Rolls Royce where Eiki was sitting, and even Eiki’s hysterical yelling in the car was completely disregarded.

After all the gasoline was poured in, the leader took out a pack of cigarettes and a box of matches, coldly lit the cigarette, took a hard sip, and then threw the still burning matchstick into the window!

The extremely luxurious Rolls-Royce turned into an incinerator in an instant, and the flames inside even spurted out frantically.

In the car, the screams of Eiki, his assistant, and the driver were like h*ll on earth!

Machi Takahashi on the other end of the line burst into tears.

And the screams lasted for more than a minute before finally he couldn’t hear them.

Takahashi knew very well that his son was dead.

It is even possible to die without a whole body!

At this moment, the anger of vengeance burned his sanity!

“Takehiko! You killed my son, I will kill your family!”

Having said that, he immediately called the temporary Patriarch of the Tenglin family, and as soon as he spoke, he said in a cold voice: “The Ito family killed my son. The four Tenglin family members, including Tenglin Zhengzhe, are also Because of him, I want you to kill Takehiko’s daughter first, and then kill Takehiko, that old dog too!!!”

The other party’s voice suddenly shuddered: “Mr. Takahashi, don’t worry, our people are looking at the Ito family mansion in Kyoto. Takehiko’s daughter has not left the place. We can kill her tonight!”

Machi Takahashi roared hoarsely: “Kill her now! I want you to kill her now!!! I want you to behead her alive, and then send me the video, Takehiko let me hear with my own ears my son’s tragic death, I want him to see his daughter’s head in a strange place!!!”

The other party immediately said: “Okay Mr. Takahashi, I will order them to kill Nanako!”


at the same time.


The snow is getting bigger and bigger.

In this heavy snow, Charlie has quietly observed Nanako for nearly ten minutes.

In these ten minutes, Nanako looked at the sky in a daze, and sometimes bent down, collecting white snowflakes from the ground, playing alone seemed very happy.

At the moment when Charlie decided to go down to see her, he suddenly noticed that from the darkness in the distance, several black shadows were attacking at his location at an extremely fast speed!

Judging from the posture when running and the way of breathing when running, these black shadows are quite similar to the four of Tenglin.

Charlie immediately became alert.

These people should all be ninjas!

Moreover, these are the ninja of the Tenglin family!