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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1760 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1760 Start

Charlie waved his hand: “It’s okay, you don’t have to worry, I have something personal to do, and I’ll be back when it’s done.”

Issac asked: “Is it in Osaka? Do you want me to arrange someone to escort you?”

“No need.” Charlie didn’t say where he was going, and he didn’t want to say.

He didn’t know why, he kept thinking about Nanako in his mind, perhaps out of sympathy for that girl, or out of admiration, or out of some other emotion, Charlie couldn’t figure it out, and he didn’t want to keep missing her.

Now he just wants to go to Kyoto to see Nanako in person, and take a look at her injuries by the way.

In any case, if her injury is cured, he can go back with peace of mind.

Issac saw that Charlie was unwilling to reveal his whereabouts, so he did not insist, but told him to drive carefully. If the snow is too great, wait until the snow stops before driving.

Charlie accepted, and then drove off alone.

Osaka is very close to Kyoto, and it takes about an hour to drive.

When he arrived in Kyoto, the sky was already dark.

The snow is getting bigger and bigger, almost like goose feathers.

Charlie didn’t know where the Ito family’s mansion was, so he went to a Chinese restaurant to eat a bowl of Chinese ramen. When checking out, he asked the boss: “Boss, do you know where the Ito family’s mansion is?”

The other party smiled and said: “The Ito family residence is next to Nijo Castle. It covers a large area and is easy to find. There is a plaque at the front entrance, which is the Ito.”

Charlie nodded, thanked him, and then went out of the restaurant.

Nijo Castle is a well-known scenic spot in Kyoto, so you can search it directly on the map, and it is only two kilometers away from Charlie.

After looking at it for a few minutes, Charlie who was sitting in the car hesitated for a while.

He hasn’t figured out how to meet Nanako.

When he arrives at the Ito family mansion, should he just knock on the door to see her?


After all, Takehiko’s 4.5 billion is still in his own hands. If his subordinates report Takehiko, he will definitely not let himself meet Nanako.

Then what should he do?

Do you want to sneak in by yourself?

Perhaps, there is only one suitable way.

Thinking of this, Charlie started the car, followed the navigation, and came to the vicinity of Nijo Castle. Sure enough, he saw the Ito family mansion not far from Nijo Castle.

The Ito family’s mansion covers a large area. From the outside, half of the area is planted with towering old trees. The buildings are also Japanese-style ancient wooden buildings that incorporate strong Chinese architectural elements. You can know the age at a glance. So it has been a long time.

Since there is an ancient moat around the Ito family’s residence, and the two bridges entering and exiting belong to private territories, Charlie parked his car on the side of the road not far away, and then braved the heavy snow and sneaked in in the dark into the residence of the Ito family.

At this moment.

Nanako just finished soaking in the hot spring.

Because today was finally looking forward to the long-awaited snowfall, and it was a heavy snowfall, Nanako swept away the haze in her heart, and she was in a particularly good mood.

She asked her servant to help put her in an indescribably beautiful kimono, and then gracefully coiled up her long hair and inserted her favorite hairpin.

After that, pushing the wheelchair, she came to the small courtyard to enjoy the snow with great joy.

The Ito family’s residence covers a large area, and there are several large and small courtyards. The courtyard where Nanako is located in the most remote and quietest.

The snow fell heavily, and soon a layer of white snow fell on top of her head, and Nanako looked at the snow flying in the sky, jumping for joy like a child.

After a while, she looked up at the sky and said in her heart piously: “Don’t know what Master Wade is doing at this time? don’t know if it’s snowing in Aurous Hill now? don’t know if he will think of me…”