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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 176 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 176 Start

The sales lady walked up to Charlie and said: “Gentleman, if you are not going to buy a house, please leave, and don’t affect our other customers who are interested in the houses.”

Claire sighed, pulled Charlie’s sleeves, and said, “Let’s go, let’s go and take a look elsewhere.”

Others also started to roar: “Poor ghosts go quickly, don’t be embarrassed here.”

Charlie didn’t move, and said with a smile: “Do you know why you can’t afford to live in a villa? Because you are all short-sighted people. With your eyesight, it is impossible for you to live in a villa in this life.”

Harold sipped: “Bah! Charlie, you really have a face to say? Look at all of them, which one is not more rich than you?”

Charlie raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile: “Harold, you keep saying that I can’t afford a villa, so if I really can afford it, what shall you do?”

Harold laughed a lot, pointed to the tallest high-rise building on the sand table, and said arrogantly: “If you can afford the villa inside, I, Harold, will jump off the top of this building!”

Many people around screamed: “Smelly pauper, if you can afford it, I will dance too!”

“That’s it! If you want to jump, you can count me as well! I don’t like this kind of stupid who likes to pretend!”

Claire never felt so embarrassed, and complained a bit to Charlie, and reprimanded: “Charlie! What do you have to do with them here? Do you have to be happy not to come to to this place?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “My wife, how do you know if your husband knows nothing?”

With that, Charlie took out the villa key and the villa’s access card from his pocket, and said lightly: “Look, this is the key and information card of the a05 villa.”

Wendy smiled and said: “Charlie, do you think you can make us believe you by just holding the key? You think we are too mentally retarded?”

Charlie threw the key and the information card to the sales lady, and said lightly: “Come on, tell them if this is true.”

The sales lady recognized the key and information card that Charlie had taken out at a glance, and when she saw that they were exclusively for the Tomson Villa, she was shocked.

Could it be that this person is really the owner of the villa area? She just wanted to kick him out. If he is really the owner, if he gets angry, her job will definitely be gone.

Thinking of this, she took Charlie’s information card in a panic, scanned the internal reader, and the reader immediately issued a computer voice: “Hi, distinguished owner of Building A05, Mr. Charlie, welcome to your home!”

The sales lady suddenly exclaimed: “Are you Mr. Charlie?”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded, it seems that the White family has already transferred this villa to this name.

The sales lady immediately returned the card to Charlie with very respectful hands, and said in a panic: “Mr. Charlie, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you are the distinguished owner of Building A05. Please forgive me for what happened just now.”

Everyone present could not help but be stunned to see this scene!

Charlie is really the owner here? Are you kidding me? Can this kind of person afford a Tomson first-class villa?

Harold’s expression is extremely ugly, what the h*ll is going on! Charlie buys Tomson’s first-class villa? He would rather believe that there are ghosts in the world than that Charlie has this strength!

But, what’s the matter with this sales lady? She can never lie, right?

And she just scanned Charlie’s card, and even the machine reminded Charlie to be the owner here

what happened? !