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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1759 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1759 Start

The inspector saw Takahashi’s flustered look, and hurriedly said: “Recall carefully, did you offend anyone? Generally speaking, unless there is a deep hatred, who would target you like this?”

After that, the inspector reminded: “Think about it, does anyone want to kill you, or do you want to kill anyone?!”

The first thing Takahashi thought of was Charlie.

But soon he denied this idea in his heart.

After Tenglin Qingtian disappeared for no reason, Tenglin Zhengzhe once eavesdropped on Charlie and got a message that it was not Charlie who killed Tenglin Qingtian, but another group of ninjas.

At that time, Tenglin speculated that it should be a Koka ninja loyal to the Ito family.

However, he did not tell the TMPD about this matter.

Because, he felt that what he said to the TMPD is meaningless, because there was no direct evidence for this incident, and everything was just a guess by Tenglin during his lifetime.

In my opinion, 80% of it is the Ito family behind the scenes, but in the eyes of the police, the opponent may be the Koga Ninja, but it may also be the Iga Ninja, Saga Ninja, or other low-key ninja families.

After all, Japanese ninjas have a long history and many schools.

Just like Chinese martial arts, Chinese martial arts have a wide variety of martial arts since ancient times, and there are many martial arts that can be named.

Shaolin, Wudang, Kunlun, Emei, Huashan, Kongtong, the following unknown small and medium schools are countless.

The same is true in Japan. In addition to the four well-known ninja families, there are countless small families and sects.

Therefore, he decided not to let the TMPD intervene, and take revenge on Takehiko himself!

Soon, the forensic doctor arrived at the scene.

They transported the four hard corpses back to the forensic department of the TMPD. Such corpses must at least be completely thawed before being dissected.

At the same time, the news of Tenglin’s four strange deaths was also reported to the top of the TMPD, making the entire TMPD shocked.

The director of the TMPD has almost collapsed!

Zhifei and Zhiyu were kidnapped without a clue, and such a big incident happened in an instant.

Four superb ninjas are also killed, this is simply a wave of unrest!

Tokyo has also suddenly changed from a fashionable international city to a strange and sinful city.

However, it was just when the TMPD was in desperation and digging three feet in Tokyo.

Brother and sister Zhifei and Zhiyu have been secretly sent to Kyoto, hundreds of kilometers away.

According to Matsumoto’s plan, he wanted the Su family’s children to die in Ito’s residence.

When the time comes, the Ito family will have no answer.

However, Takehiko is not a counselor, but also has a strong strength.

By then, he knew that he was being blamed, and he would definitely regard the man behind the scenes as Machi Takahashi.

In this way, Takehiko Ito will definitely fight to the death with Machi Takahashi!

It won’t take long for Japan’s top two families to suffer severely and even disappear completely.

At that time, the Matsumoto family can reap all the benefits, and then as the only optional collaborator of the Su family, they can cooperate with the Su family to further strengthen their own strength.


Charlie got up very early today.

The weather forecast app pops up a reminder that starting this afternoon, until night, there will be a blizzard in Kyoto and Osaka.

He first went to the production line of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical with Liang. In the afternoon, he asked Issac for a car and planned to drive to Kyoto by himself.

Issac didn’t know where he was going. Seeing that the snow had fallen, and the snow was getting bigger and bigger, he hurriedly reminded him: “Master there is a blizzard today. Driving in this kind of weather is too dangerous. If you have nothing important, Don’t go out anymore.”