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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1757 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1757 Start

“Truck?! What the h*ll is going on?!”

The butler hurriedly said: “The other party drove the truck to the door of the villa, saying that it is a gift for you in the car.”

“What about others?!”

“I heard it through the intercom on the doorbell at the door. When I came out, the people had disappeared, but the car is still…”

Takahashi shivered when he heard this!

Who would use a truck to give gifts? Leave the truck at your door? !

Moreover, it is still in such a sensitive time period!

Thinking of this, he asked nervously: “Have you opened it to see what’s inside?”

The butler said: “No, I want to wait until you come back before opening it.”

Takahashi blurted out: “Call the police! Call the police! Maybe there is a bomb in the car!”

The housekeeper hurriedly said: “My lord, we have done explosives and toxic substances tests and no abnormalities have been found.”

“Nothing abnormal?” Machi Takahashi breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this.

Under normal circumstances, if you want to use something to harm people, it is nothing more than bombs and poisons. Since there is nothing abnormal after detection, there should be no problem.

The equipment used at home to detect explosives and toxic substances are the same as that used by the airport and customs. The accuracy rate is extremely high. If there are such substances, it is absolutely impossible to hide them.

Thinking of this, he said: “I will be back in a few minutes, wait for me.”

After hanging up the phone, Takahashi couldn’t help rubbing his temples, and his whole body was a bit exhausted.

From yesterday to today, Tokyo has been so chaotic that he is already a little nervous.

Ten minutes later, Machi Takahashi returned to his villa.

The biggest difference between Japan and China is that many houses are not built by developers, but are built by homeowners. This is very similar to China a few decades ago. Whether rich or poor, they buy land and build their own houses.

Therefore, in Japan, there are very few concepts of community and apartment.

The mansion of Machi Takahashi, not far from the Japanese Imperial Palace, has an excellent location and a huge area.

When he came to the door of his house, he saw a frozen truck parked on the side of the road.

The butler ran over to open the door for him at this time, and said respectfully: “Mr. President, this is the car. The door is locked and the engine is not turned off. The freezer at the back is still cooling.”

Takahashi touched his chin and couldn’t help but slapped his lips: “Who the h*ll delivered this? Would you give me ice cream for the big winter?”

Eiki, with his hands in plaster, was also supported by the servant. He walked out of the luxurious gate with sleepy eyes. He saw Machi Takahashi and the frozen car still in operation, and asked in surprise: “Dad, what is going on?”

Machi Takahashi shook his head and said, “don’t know which [email protected] it is. He drove such a car and said it was a gift for me.”

Eiki frowned and asked, “Is it not a seafood delivery car? Yesterday, I ordered a top-quality bluefin tuna. They said it would be delivered in two days.”

The housekeeper hurriedly said, “Master the person who delivered it just now said it was a gift for Master, not for you.”

Eiki said, “Maybe it’s a mistake. What about the delivery person?”


“Strange…” Eiki blurted out: “Why did he leave the car behind when giving something?”

Takahashi’s brows furrowed: “It always feels a little weird…”

The housekeeper said at this time: “My lord, we have checked with the equipment. There should be no danger. Would you like to open the freezer?”