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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1752 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1752 Start

He hurriedly nodded his head like smashing garlic: “I listen to you, don’t be impulsive, this shuriken is smeared with poison, even if it breaks a little, I won’t be saved…”


At this moment.

After Tenglin and the second younger brother quickly packed some important items, they took the elevator to the hotel lobby.

They didn’t even have time to check out, just thinking about getting in the car and returning to Tokyo.

However, when they went out, they found that their car was not waiting there.

Tenglin cursed: “d*mn, the third [email protected], what are you doing! Give him a call!”

The second brother immediately took out his mobile phone, called, and cursed: “Idiot, what are you doing? Why haven’t you come out!”

At the request of Charlie, the third said: “Second brother, one of the tires is flat. I guess it’s punctured. I’m jogging. I’m about to change spare tire. Why don’t you come down and help me!”

“d*mn!” The second junior brother said to Tenglin: “Brother, one of the tires may be punctured. I’ll change it for him.”

Tenglin nodded and exhorted: “You two move faster!”

underground garage.

The third who was held by Charlie’s shuriken against his neck, pleaded: “Brother, I have called according to your instructions, can you spare my life…”

Charlie smiled slightly: “You did a good job, I will let you suffer less!”

After speaking, before he recovered, Charlie slammed his hand!

Hearing a click, the person’s neck was broken in an instant, and the whole person lost all consciousness at this moment and turned into a corpse.

After that, Charlie did not hesitate, and immediately moved his body to the side of the car, with his back facing the front of the car, as if he was checking backstage.

And Charlie himself, behind the car next door, hid his breath, waiting for the next fish to be caught.

At this time, the second child ran over violently.

Due to the irritability, the whole person’s vigilance was reduced a lot. Seeing that the third was still squatting on the tires of the car, he was suddenly out of breath.

He ran over quickly, slapped the back of the youngest’s head, and cursed: “b*stard! You are here to watch? Don’t you know how to get the spare tire and jack out first?!”

After finishing speaking, he saw the youngest body, swayed by a slap, and fell to the ground.

The second child saw his eyes suddenly open and staring at him, and he was immediately frightened!

At this moment, he realized that he had been targeted!

Moreover, it is very likely that the gang who killed the fourth Tenglin Qingtian was eyeing them!

Thinking of this, he flees with fright.

But when he turned around, a man suddenly appeared in front of him! This black shadow stretched out a hand at a very fast speed and pinched his neck tightly!

The second younger brother of Tenglin couldn’t breathe instantly.

But at this time, he also saw the man in front of him clearly.

Isn’t this person the same Chinese who followed his four brothers all the way from Tokyo? !

At this moment, the second child’s mind was almost exploded!

He exclaimed in astonishment in his heart: “Could it be that…is it the Chinese who killed the fourth and third son?! Could it be that…has he been teasing us all the time?!”

When he was extremely frightened, Charlie wiped a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and said playfully, “My buddy, what are you running for?”