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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 175 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 175 Start

Harold naturally looked down upon Charlie by 10,000.

And he was full of resentment towards Claire, then the company director.

Seeing that the couple came to Tomson to see the house, they wanted to seize the opportunity to satirize them.

When Charlie heard that Harold dared to spray on him and his wife, he immediately sneered: “What? People like you can come to Tomson for inspection, why can’t we?”

Harold sneered and said, “I can come because our family can afford it. Can you afford to buy a house here?”

Charlie smiled: “How do you know that I can’t afford it?”

Harold snorted: “How can you afford to have a ghost! Do you know how much this house is? The smallest one is 120 square meters, more than 80,000 square meters, and it costs 10 million. Ten million you hear?”

Charlie laughed: “I don’t bother to buy the smallest house. If I want to buy it, I will also buy the largest.”

“You’re pooh!” Harold said coldly: “The biggest two hundred and forty flats can you afford?”

Wendy also laughed: “Yeah, Charlie, can you afford a two hundred and forty square meters house? Such a big house, even our family can’t buy it. How can you?”

Charlie looked at her, smiled and asked: “Who told you that I want to buy a house of 240 square meters?”

Wendy snorted contemptuously: “What? Didn’t you say you want to buy the biggest one? Can’t install it now?”

Charlie laughed and said, “Wendy, you are so unpromising. Didn’t you see that there is a large villa area on this table? The villa inside is the largest house.”

“Bah!” Wendy said disdainfully: “Returning the villa, the smallest villa inside is tens of millions, and the expensive one is even hundreds of millions. You can’t afford it for eight lifetimes with your rag life!”

Charlie smiled and said: “What a coincidence, I just have one set, and it’s the biggest one!”

“Hahahaha!” Harold’s family laughed forward and backwards, pointing to Charlie and said contemptuously: “You still buy the largest villa? My God, are you laughing at us too?”

Many customers who watched the house also heard Charlie’s words, and laughed one by one: “It looks like a stinky rag, and he still buying a villa?”

“If he can afford this villa, then I can afford the entire Tomson product!”

“It’s really bragging not to write drafts!”

Claire’s face was also a little unsustainable, and she whispered in Charlie’s ear: “Charlie! What are you talking nonsense? Aren’t you ashamed of talking nonsense?”

Charlie smiled and said, “What’s the shame to be honest?”

Harold smiled backwards and closed together, and said: “Have you heard, your own wife doesn’t believe you, and the eyes of the people are sharp. People like you are not even fit to enter this sales hall!”

After speaking, he said viciously: “Wait, I will tell the sales lady to drive you out!”

Immediately afterwards, Harold immediately greeted a sales lady who came over and pointed to Charlie and said, “Beauty, what’s the matter with you, why did you let such rubbish rag in? This kind of person said without embarrassment to buy your best villa. With such people in the most expensive villa here, those of us who are really capable of buying a house don’t want to take it!”

The sales lady glanced at Charlie, and she could also see that Charlie’s clothes were ordinary, not what a rich man should have.

Not to mention buying a villa, even the client who buys the smallest three-bedroom apartment is more decent than him.

The surrounding people also started to booze, saying: “Hurry up and get this guy out, it affects our mood too much.”