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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1748 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1748 Start

Zhifei said excitedly: “He means he is willing to consider our proposals and conditions, but he still hopes to have a face-to-face talk. What do you think?”

Zhiyu said, “I think it’s okay. Call him back and ask him to come to the hotel to talk to us early tomorrow morning. If the talk is good, we will cooperate with him. Machi Takahashi won’t be there. Let’s talk again; if the talks are not good, we will go directly to sign the contract with Machi Takahashi!”

“Okay!” Zhifei said eagerly: “I’ll call him back!”

As soon as Zhifei’s voice fell, four black-clad ninjas suddenly rushed down from the ceiling of the hotel corridor?!

Zhiyu and Zhifei hadn’t had time to react, they were already subdued.

Zhiyu roared in horror: “Who are you?!”

One of the masked ninjas said coldly: “Miss Su, I’m Mr. Ito’s subordinate. I have something to do with you, so please cooperate!”

“What?!” Zhiyu and Zhifei were both dumbfounded!

Zhiyu was horrified, and thought to himself: “Takehiko just called and said that he was going to negotiate with them again. Why did he send ninjas to them in a blink of an eye?!”

“Could it be that his renegotiating is false and the kidnapping is true?”

Zhiyu hurriedly blurted out: “You people, is there any misunderstanding in this? We are just about to renegotiate the meeting with Mr. Ito. What are you doing?”

The man grinned: “Ms. Su, ask what you should ask, don’t ask what you shouldn’t, just walk with us, we won’t kill you, but if you want to resist, or use some tricks If you do, I’m sorry, I will let you two die in Japan!”

Zhiyu realized that something might be wrong, and blurted out: “You people, if it’s about money, you can speak as much as you want. No matter who you are instructed, I can give you double or even triple four times the price!”

The man sneered and said, “Sorry, we ninjas always pay attention to credibility, so I ask Miss Su and Mr. Su to cooperate!”

Having said that, he immediately winked at the two people around him!

The two men immediately took out two special handkerchiefs from their pockets.

A large amount of ether was spilled into the handkerchief.

Before Zhiyu and Zhifei could scream, they were tightly covered with a handkerchief.

Immediately afterwards, the smell of a chemical potion puffed up the nose, making the two of them immediately unconscious!

Afterward, the two ninjas carried the two siblings on their shoulders, tied them firmly with straps, and threw the downhill rope directly from the window of the hotel room, leading them to slide down the ground from the wall as light as a swallow.

Outside, two commercial vehicles had been waiting for a long time. After the black-clothed ninja carried the unconscious Su brother and sister into the vehicle, the two commercial vehicles drove away from the scene quickly!

This series of kidnappings was nothing short of passing, and no one in the entire hotel knew that the Su members had been abducted!

What is even more frightening is that more than a dozen people from the Su family have been poisoned to death in their respective rooms at this time.

It was the military sarin gas used by this group of ninjas that kill them.

This poisonous gas is a military chemical weapon. In 1995, someone used this highly poisonous chemical weapon to cause a terrorist incident on the Japanese subway.

After sarin gas invades the human body through the respiratory tract or skin and mucous membranes, it can cause the death of the victim in a very short time, and the lethal dose is even only 10 mg.

After the two cars drove quickly away from the hotel, the man in the car took out his mobile phone and made a call: “Mr. Matsumoto, the people have been caught, and all the other people in the Su family have died. In their room, secretly, we left the exclusive mark of the Tenglin family!”

On the phone, Matsumoto’s excited voice came: “Very good! Very good! You will take them to Kyoto to wait for my orders, kill them when needed, and hide their bodies in the Ito family’s mansion in Kyoto! After the death of Su’s family’s grandchildren and eldest granddaughter, Takehiko’s death is unclear! However, there was an exclusive imprint of the Tenglin family on the scene. Ito will definitely think that all of this is the fault of Takahashi, grandson. The family will definitely send someone over to avenge their heirs. Here will be a good show!”