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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1747 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1747 Start

The negotiations between Zhifei, Zhiyu, and Takehiko ended up unhappy.

When the brother and sister left Ito Co., Ltd., Takehiko scolded the two angrily on the spot.

On the way back to the hotel, Zhifei asked Zhiyu: “Zhiyu, I just planned to flicker Takehiko, and see if he can agree to the 20% ratio. Why did you suddenly turn your face with him?”

Zhiyu smiled slightly and said, “20% is obviously lower than the lowest price he can afford, so no matter how you talk to him today, he will not be able to agree to this ratio. If you really want to force him, you must give him enough pressure.”

Zhifei asked: “Do you have any good ideas?”

Zhiyu said: “You call Machi Takahashi, saying that you plan to sign a contract with him tomorrow, but before signing the contract, you have to talk to him about the details. The time is set to be tomorrow morning.”

Zhifei asked: “How do you say? It’s so decided. Give them a contract?”

“No.” Zhiyu said indifferently: “I plan to sign the contract, but the details have to be finalized. We can just find a reason and say at that time. There are some details that need to be discussed again, and I can move the signing date later. Right?”

While speaking, Zhiyu said again: “If you let the wind go now, Takehiko will definitely be very anxious. If not tomorrow, he will lower his posture and take the initiative to talk to us again.”

Zhifei nodded and said, “Okay, then listen to you, I’ll call Machi Takahashi!”

Machi Takahashi received a call from Zhifei. When he heard that the Su family was about to sign a contract with him, he was so excited!

Later, while arranging his staff to prepare for tomorrow’s signing ceremony, he let people go out and told the whole of Tokyo that the Su family was ready to sign with him.

This news immediately spread among the Tokyo business elite.

Countless people called and sent messages to congratulate Machi Takahashi, because they believed that once the Takahashi family and the Su family cooperate, the Takahashi family will surely surpass the Ito family and become the first family in Japan!

Takehiko also received the news very quickly. He was still angered, but after hearing the news, he almost went out of anger.

He did not expect that as soon as the news came out, the Takahashi family would become a hot target.

Now, the entire Tokyo city is beginning to chase Machi Takahashi, who regards Machi Takahashi as the future richest man in Japan, immediately let Takehiko realize the meaning of Zhiyu’s previous words.

If the Su family united with the Takahashi family, he would definitely not have a bright future.

If this were the case, the Ito family seemed unscathed, but actually suffered heavy losses.

In the past, he was able to equalize with the Takahashi family, but if this cooperation is lost, the Takahashi family will quickly leave him behind.

At that time, all the aura on him will be robbed by Machi Takahashi.

The invisible loss is almost immeasurable!

Takehiko, who was extremely bored, shut himself in the room and thought about it all afternoon.

In the end, after nightfall, he reluctantly made a decision and called Su family to try to talk again.

If it doesn’t work, I will directly agree to the 20% cooperation terms of the Su family.

At this moment, Zhiyu and Zhifei had just finished eating in the revolving restaurant on the top floor of the hotel. After the two returned to their rooms, Zhiyu was going to take a bath first.

At this time, the door bell rang, and she saw from the LCD screen that her brother was knocking on the door, so she opened the door by hand.

Zhifei stood at the door, holding his mobile phone, and said with a smile: “Zhiyu, you are a god! Takehiko just called me!”

Zhiyu leaned on the door frame and asked with a smile, “What did he say?”