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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1746 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1746 Start

Zhifei has his own consideration.

In the view of the Su family, Machi Takahashi has two advantages compared with Takehiko: first, he wants to kill the Ito family; second, he is willing to reduce the share to 25%;

Therefore, looking at Takehiko now, he thinks that Takehiko must be at least equal to Takahashi’s two points, and the other point is better than Takahashi’s conditions.

The first is to kill the Ito family, which is already an extreme request.

Whether it is asking the Takahashi family to kill the Ito family or asking the Ito family to kill the Takahashi family, as long as it is killed, it will be the ultimate.

Therefore, even Takehiko is willing to join hands to kill the Takahashi family. At this point, he is only equal to Machi Takahashi.

In this way, unless he can get more favorable terms than Machi Takahashi’s expulsion on the second article, there is no need for the Su family to consider it.

That’s why he offered a 20% share. If Ito agrees, then persuade him to agree to join forces to kill the Takahashi family. In that case, he won another 5% interest for the Su family.

However, as soon as Takehiko heard about 20%, he couldn’t stretch himself immediately.

He was very angry and secretly thought: “I want 35%, you give me 20%, and he said that if it is higher than 20%, it will not be considered, and there will be no room for bargaining. This is too much, right?”

“This matter requires me to take advantage of my own domestic port and let you foreign capital come in to make money, but you only let me account for only 20%. Isn’t it a bit deceptive?!”

Thinking of this, Ito’s anger rose in his heart. He said coldly to Zhifei: “Mr. Su, 20% is too low. I admit that the Su family is strong and there are many ocean-going ships in hand, but you can’t do that either to squeeze me this hard?”

Zhifei said seriously: “Mr. Ito, the squeeze is far from talking, but we do have a lot of initiative now. Japan’s economy is now declining. It is difficult for you to do this business at this stage. You want to earn this money, only cooperate with us.”

After a pause, Zhifei said: “Although the 20% is less, after the business is running, the amount of this piece is still very large. If we make 10 billion USD a year, the Ito family can share 2 billion. , What is the concept of two billion USD? I believe it is impossible for the Ito family to have so much profit in a year, right?”

Takehiko shook his head and said, “Mr. Su who does not calculate the account like this. If I do this by myself, although I may not make an annual profit of 10 billion USD, the problem of doing more than 1 billion is not big. If you work hard by yourself, maybe you can achieve the scale of two to three billion. If you look at it this way, am I not at loss?”

Zhiyu spoke with a bit of arrogance at this time: “Mr. Ito, you just said that you might be able to achieve the scale of two or three billion USD with your hard work. In my opinion, it is impossible.”

Takehiko Ito frowned and asked, “Why is it impossible? My family is one of the best in Japan!”

Zhiyu smiled and said with a bit of pressure: “To be honest, if the Su family is not ready to do this business, you may have this opportunity, but since the Su family is going to enter the market now, then the Su family is there. It is certainly impossible for you to do such a large scale, and even the Su family may not allow you to do this business.”

Takehiko’s pride was hit hard.

He did not expect that Zhiyu, who had never spoken very much, could speak so directly!

It can even be said that they don’t give any face to Takehiko!

Feeling the shock, Ito’s unconvinced emotions burst instantly. He gritted his teeth and said coldly: “If this is the case, then there is no need to talk about it. The Ito family will operate this business by themselves! You will see with your own eyes how I do this business!”

Zhiyu smiled slightly: “Mr. Ito, then I wish you good luck!”