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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1743 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1743 Start

The lobby of the Aman Hotel.

Ryoto Matsumoto, who is not yet forty years old, is looking forward to meeting with the Su family.

He personally came to the hotel to meet the Su family this time, hoping to use a humble attitude to seek an opportunity to interview the Su family.

Although the strength of the Matsumoto family is not as good as that of Takahashi and Ito, Ryoto Matsumoto feels that his ability is not weaker than anyone, and he is young and bold. He is definitely the ideal partner for the Su family.

However, the Matsumoto family had insufficient precipitation in the early years, and it was far from the Takahashi and Ito families.

Although Ryoto Matsumoto resolutely led the Matsumoto family to develop rapidly and catch up with them, there was still some distance from them.

In fact, the Matsumoto family can be said to be the fastest rising family in Tokyo.

Ten years ago, it was unknown. Today, ten years later, it is second only to Takahashi and Ito. This speed is regarded as a miracle to the outside world.

Therefore, Ryoto Matsumoto believes that as the head of the family, he came to the hotel to ask for a meeting in person, which definitely gave the Su family a lot of face.

However, he didn’t know that in the eyes of the Su family, the strength of the Matsumoto family was about half that of the Takahashi family or the Ito family, so the Su family naturally wouldn’t take him in their eyes.

At this time, Ryoto Matsumoto is full of confidence. He is a recognized business genius in Japan, a young and rich man who has the real ability to fight the world, so he thinks that the Su family should give him a chance to have an interview, and he will definitely use it. Their eloquence and vision convince them to cooperate with them.

Ryoto Matsumoto’s assistant was somewhat apprehensive, and said, “Boss, do you think the Su family will be willing to cooperate with us?”

Ryoto Matsumoto tidied up his suit and tie, and said confidently: “When I meet in a while, I will use my abilities and charm to make the Su family realize that my Ryoto Matsumoto is their most perfect partner! As for Takehiko Ito and Machi Takahashi, they are just a bunch of old men with outdated thinking and worrying abilities!”

As soon as the voice fell, Su’s assistant made a call to the front desk.

The little girl at the front desk answered the phone and immediately came to Ms. Matsumoto, bowed and said: “Mr. Matsumoto, I’m really sorry, Mr. Su and Ms. Su don’t have time to see you, please go back.”

Ryoto Matsumoto was stunned, and after a while, he asked in a daze, “What are you talking about? They don’t have time to see me?!”

The little girl at the front desk nodded slightly and said, “It is true, so please go back.”

Matsumoto immediately felt hot on his face!

I am also the patriarch of the Matsumoto family anyway, and a leader among young Japanese entrepreneurs. Those who came to the hotel to meet with the Su family in person can say that they have put their identity very humble.

But I never dreamed that even though I came to see them so humbly, I would still receive the most ruthless and direct insult from the other party!

“No time?!”

“Just let me go if they don’t have time?!”

“The Su family is too arrogant, even too much, right?!”

“Even if you are China’s top family, even if you do have very good big projects, you can’t put my face on the ground, right?!”

“What’s more, if you step on my face, you don’t step on it yourself, let a hotel front desk step on it. Where do you put my face?!”

Thinking of this, Ryoto Matsumoto had a dark face and said coldly to the front desk: “Contact them again and tell them that I am the patriarch of the Matsumoto family and the president of the Tokyo Young Entrepreneurs Association. I came here today just to see the young master and young lady of the Su family, so that they must take time to talk to me once!”