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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1740 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1740 Start

“What?!” Takahashi blurted out in shock: “You mean, Tenglin Qingtian is dead? Who did it?! Is that the Chinese?!”

“No.” Tenglin said with a gloomy expression: “There is a high probability that another ninja family did it!”

“Another ninja family?” Takahashi Machi frowned. “Did you provoke anyone?”

“No.” Tenglin said: “Mr. Takahashi, our brothers have been doing things for you all these years. Except for your enemies, we have not made enemies outside, so I suspect that the other party should be directed against you!”

“Targeting me?!” Takahashi blurted out, “Who is targeting me? And the other party also used ninjas. It seems that the background is not small!”

Tenglin asked him: “Mr. Takahashi, do you think it is the Ito family? As far as I know, the famous Koga family in the ninja family has always been closely related to them!”

“This” Takahashi was also a little confused.

He didn’t know what happened to Tenglin Qingtian and who was killed by him.

So I thought in my heart: “There are not many ninja families in China. Except for the ninjas of the Ito family, the remaining families seem to have no need to be an enemy of me.”

“Could it be that the old dog, Takehiko Ito, is also plotting to kill me?!”

At this time, Machi Takahashi, because he originally wanted to kill Takehiko, he felt somewhat preconceived in his heart that Takehiko might also be planning to kill himself!

“It seems that everyone is a swordsman, and they want to put each other to death!”

Thinking of this, he blurted out: “This time the big Chinese family came to Tokyo to meet me first. Takehiko must be furious, maybe he is targeting me!”

“And I guess, he is now waiting to discuss cooperation with the Su family. In order to leave a good impression on the Su family, he dare not directly act on me at this time, so he acted on you first. I estimate Ito’s purpose. It is to weaken my strength in advance, and then slowly clean me up!”

Tenglin hurriedly asked, “Mr. Takahashi, what shall we do now?”

Takahashi really thought about it for a long time, gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice: “Tenglin, you have been a little low-key these days, and you will send more people to watch the [email protected] secretly and wait for my news. Once I successfully sign the contract with the Su family, I will first Get rid of that [email protected]! To snow the shame of my Takahashi family!”

Tenglin immediately said: “Good Mr. Takahashi, I will definitely fulfill my mission!”

Machi Takahashi said again: “In addition, you will mobilize a group of people from your family to rush to Kyoto overnight!”

“Go to Kyoto?!” Tenglin asked in surprise: “Mr. Takahashi, why should I send people to Kyoto?”

Machi Takahashi said coldly: “Takehiko’s baby daughter has been recuperating in Kyoto since he was injured. You will monitor her closely. When I started with Takehiko, I didn’t want to leave any troubles, so his daughter Nanako must also dead!”

“Furthermore, it is good for me to monitor Nanako in advance. If Takehiko dares to attack me, then I will use his daughter as a threat and force him to dictate him! In this way, I will have double insurance!”

Tenglin immediately said: “I understand Mr. Takahashi, then I will notify the family, immediately arrange for personnel to go to Kyoto, and secretly monitor Takehiko’s daughter!”

Machi Takahashi gritted his teeth and said: “Tenglin, you must make sure that as long as I call, your people will immediately kill Nanako!”

Tenglin promised: “Don’t worry master, I should go all out!”

Takahashi hummed, and said, “Tenglin, don’t worry, after you cooperate with me to destroy the Ito family, I will definitely give you a very generous remuneration, and then a generous settlement allowance for your junior.”

Tenglin hurriedly said, “Then I would like to thank Mr. Takahashi in advance!”