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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1739 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1739 Start

At this moment, Tokyo, Japan.

Machi Takahashi ended a whole day of talks with Zhifei and Zhiyu.

The talks between the two sides can be said to be very in-depth, and both sides are very satisfied with each other.

This is mainly because Zhifei and Zhiyu feel that this person Machi Takahashi is very good, and he does not need to guide him to kill the Ito family himself. He already has this consciousness.

Secondly, it is also because, in order to finalize the cooperation as soon as possible, Takahashi deliberately released a few percentage points of the profit share on the specific cooperation terms.

Zhifei originally wanted to talk about the next three-to-seven cooperation agreement. Whether it was with the Takahashi family or the Ito family, only 30% of the benefits would be given to them.

But what he didn’t expect was that Takahashi himself reduced his expected profit share to 25%!

Even Zhiyu feels that the target of this cooperation can basically be finalized, that is, the Takahashi family. As for the Ito family, there is no need for negotiation.

But out of business reputation, the siblings decided to talk to the Ito family before Maching the final decision.

After all, before she came, she had made an appointment with someone from the Ito family, and she couldn’t just kick the opponent out before she met.

Therefore, even if they just walked through the scenes, they couldn’t let the Su Family talk.

This is the business field.

Even if he has sharpened his knives secretly and is about to slaughter the other person to eat meat, he will still be very polite on the surface, and even call him brothers and sisters.

Machi Takahashi is indeed a smart man.

He knew that the Ito family could never offer better terms than their own. Even if the Ito family could accept a 25% share of the bill, they couldn’t take the initiative to propose to the Su family to unite with the Su family to kill.

After all, when doing business in peaceful times, most people are afraid to shout and kill. Even if they have this idea, they are still hiding in their hearts and afraid to speak out.

Takehiko didn’t know the malicious plan of the Su Family, and naturally it was impossible to actively cater to their tastes.

But he is different.

He had made a mistake and had known Su’s hole cards in advance.

Therefore, he believes that the Su family will eventually choose himself!

By then, the Takahashi family will also become the top presence in Japan!

Just when he was excited about this, he suddenly received a call from Tenglin.

Seeing that it was his call, Machi Takahashi immediately thought of the Chinese man who abolished his son’s arms in the street!

This incident is simply the greatest shame the Takahashi family has suffered over the years! Every time he think about it, Takahashi really gets angry!

So he immediately connected the phone and asked in a cold voice, “Tenglin, how is the matter going? Where is that [email protected] now?”

Tenglin hurriedly said: “Mr. Takahashi, something has happened to accidents. If I guessed correctly, my junior brother should be dead now, and there is no dead body!”