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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1738 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1738 Start

Charlie said very seriously: “I always feel that something is wrong. Just now when I was out for a walk, I inexplicably heard someone behind it seemed to be fighting, and there was the sound of weapons colliding, but I looked back, what? There was nothing.”

Issac thought for a moment, and said, “Master I think you are still too sensitive. Maybe you have auditory hallucinations.”

“It’s still not quite right.” Charlie smacked his lips: “The movement I overheard was very chaotic. It seemed that several people struck for a while, and then someone struggling and whimpering as if their mouth was covered, waiting for me to follow. When following the voice I came over, there was a pool of blood on the ground, and there was also a shoe. That shoe was f*cking weird…”

Issac said: “Master the blood may be astupidl. As for shoes, what’s weird about a shoe?”

Charlie said very seriously: “Do you dare to believe that there is a dmn knife on the toe of that shoe? It’s like a fcking movie, it’s a d*mn door.”

Issac exclaimed: “What? There is a knife on the toe of the shoe? Is this not too weird?!”

In Tenglin’s room, when they heard Charlie’s words, all three looked terrified!

The second child said with some horror: “Brother, this should be Qingtian’s ninja shoes!”

Tenglin also became nervous and frowned, “According to what he said, it is possible that Qingtian was harmed by others?”

The third added at this time: “It is very likely that he is also a ninja!”

On the other side, Issac asked Charlie: “Master do you think this is the legendary Japanese ninja?”

Charlie nodded and said in agreement: “I think it’s possible too!”

Issac asked curiously: “Did you happen to see a ninja fighting with a ninja?”

Charlie groaned: “I always think it shouldn’t be so coincidental. I feel vaguely in my heart that maybe this matter has something to do with me.”

“Can’t be?” Issac blurted out: “According to you, is it because someone wanted to mantis catch cicadas at you, and then was followed by other oriole?”

Charlie said: “The ghost knows, it’s possible, so I think this place in Nagoya is a bit weird. Let’s finish our work as soon as possible and leave as soon as possible!”

Issac snorted and said: “Master I will make arrangements to arrive at the airport in the middle of the night, and the pharmaceutical factory will start trial production in the early morning. As long as the trial production is okay, let’s leave this place sooner than planned!”

“Okay.” Charlie sighed and cursed in a low voice: “It’s f*cking annoying. I have never had to worry about it since I’ve been in Japan. If I don’t withdraw quickly this time, I might have to get involved in the disputes of the big Japanese family.”

Having said that, Charlie waved his hand and said: “Okay, you go back and tell everyone to stay alert to avoid Maching mistakes!”


After Issac finished speaking, he left Charlie’s room.

At this time, Tenglin was a little confused.

He and his two younger brothers felt that what Charlie said should be true.

There are four reasons.

First, it is impossible for Charlie to retreat unscathed after starting hands with Tenglin Qingtian;

Second, Charlie couldn’t detect the bug in the room, so he didn’t have to lie in the room and act;

Third, Charlie mentioned Tenglin Qingtian’s ninja shoes, and mentioned the short blade hidden in the ninja shoes! This feature is very secretive. With the three of them understanding Tenglin Qingtian, it is impossible for Tenglin Qingtian to use this hand to press the bottom of the box when it is not a last resort and must work hard!

Fourth, Charlie just said that he heard that there were many people fighting, and there was only one person Tenglin Qingtian. If many people were fighting, it would prove that he was ambushed by many people, so this is also right with his sudden disappearance. Ok.

After analyzing all of this, Tenglin gritted his teeth and said: “All of this shows a fact: He was targeted by another group of ninjas!”

Tenglin’s second junior brother blurted out and asked, “Brother, who do you think it will be?”

Tenglin thought for a moment, and said seriously: “We have never offended any ninja family on weekdays, so I guess that the one who did it on Qingtian is most likely the enemy of the Takahashi family!”

The third junior slapped his thigh immediately: “d*mn, is it the Ito family?!”