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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1737 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1737 Start

The two juniors of Tenglin were watching around the hotel lobby.

Seeing that Charlie returned to the hotel without incident, they immediately notified Tenglin. At the same time, the two of them were surprised at the same time. This guy seemed to have just gone out for a walk, and could not see anything. Didn’t Tenglin Qingtian act with him for the traces of fighting with others? !

The reason why they think so is because both of them feel that even if Tenglin Qingtian’s strength is not as good as Charlie, it will certainly not be so weak.

If he has encountered an accident now, then his opponent will be injured a little bit, and it is absolutely impossible to look like nothing happened.

Tenglin, who had already installed several bugs in Charlie’s room, quietly walked out of Charlie’s room, and then told them on the intercom: “Come to my room!”

In fact, as soon as Charlie entered the door, he noticed the breath of these two people.

After all, they followed him all the way from Tokyo to Nagoya, and he was already familiar with these four people to a certain extent.

Seeing these people waiting for him in the hotel lobby, Charlie knew that they must have a plan.

So he took the elevator back to his room quietly.

As soon as he entered the door, he felt another familiar feeling in the air.

From the inheritance of the “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures”, Charlie knew that everyone has their own unique aura.

The so-called breath is like the magnetic field in physics.

A big living person, no matter how good he is to hide his figure, if he doesn’t have the ability like Charlie, it is difficult to hide his breath.

This is like a running car, no matter how environmentally friendly it is, it will definitely emit a faint exhaust gas, and the exhaust will still be in the air when the car is gone.

However, the smell of exhaust gas can be detected by anyone with a keen sense of smell.

However, the faint breath of a person is easy to dissipate, and unless the sense organs are extremely sensitive, it is impossible to detect it.

Tenglin thought he was hiding well, but he didn’t expect that Charlie would have noticed the traces he left as soon as he entered the room.

So Charlie calmly looked around in the room and found several wireless bugs hidden on the back of the furniture, the bottom of the sofa, and the ceiling.

Seeing this, Charlie couldn’t help but sneer.

Since these friends even used the wiretap, and he didn’t perform a play for them, he is really sorry for their troublesome arrangements.

So he took out his mobile phone and sent a text WeChat message to Issac and Orvel: “My room was tapped. Mr. Orvel will not come to my room for now. Old man will cooperate with me in a show later.”

Issac hurriedly sent a text asking him what arrangements he had.

Charlie sent him a bunch of lines he played live, and then sent him a voice: “Old man, come to my room.”

After half a minute, Issac knocked on Charlie’s door.

When the door was closed, Charlie spoke nervously, “Old man, I feel that Nagoya is a bit weird.”

Issac hurriedly followed Charlie’s script and asked him: “Master what do you mean by weird?”

Charlie said with some worry: “When I went for a walk just now, I always had a strange feeling, as if someone had been following me.”

“No, master!” Issac hurriedly said, “We have already left Tokyo, and we went to Yokohama in the middle, and now we are in Nagoya. Maybe no one will follow us here all the time?”

“It’s hard to say.” Charlie sighed: “I played that b@stard on the streets of Tokyo. It seems that he has a d*mn background. As the saying goes, strong dragons do suppress local snakes. We go out and provoke the local big family. It’s still a little troublesome!”

At this moment, in Tenglin’s room, the three of them were already dumbfounded when they heard it on the radio.

The third blurted out: “Brother, I heard what this guy meant, he didn’t seem to meet Qingtian directly?”

Tenglin stopped him with gestures, and said: “Keep listening!”

At this time, Issac said again: “Master are you a little too sensitive? I don’t feel anyone is following us.”