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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1736 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1736 Start

“The Takahashi family?!” Both were shocked.

Issac blurted out: “Master! Is the Takahashi family going to attack you?!”

Charlie nodded: “They want to follow me first, and then find a suitable opportunity to kill me.”

Issac gritted his teeth and cursed: “Takahashi family is just as powerful as the Eastcliff Gu family at best, so they have such courage!”

Charlie smiled and said, “People are still very strong at least in this three-acre land in Tokyo.”

With that, Charlie asked him: “Has the refrigerated car been found?”

“found it”! Issac said: “We bought a freezer box to transport seafood directly from the seafood market at a high price. We drove over before the car had time to unload the cargo.”

Charlie asked: “According to that, the carriage is still frozen, right?”

Issac nodded: “In the car, it is 20 degrees below zero. The fish inside is so hard that it can kill people.”

Charlie said with satisfaction: “Okay, you and Mr. Orvel lift this guy up and move it into the car before freezing.”

Issac asked hurriedly, “Master what about the Takahashi family? Don’t you ask them?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “The Takahashi family sent a total of four ninjas, one dead, and three more. When the four brothers have gathered in the freezer, they will be sent to Machi Takahashi at once. I will give him a big gift!”

The frozen container truck has a quick-freezing function. When the power is fully turned on, the body of Tenglin Qingtian can be frozen into a pile of ice in ten minutes.

Before a few people put Tenglin Qingtian on the freezer container, Charlie took off the cowhide cover that stored the shuriken from him, planning to use it for others.

Afterwards, Charlie told Issac’s subordinate who drove: “You first drive the car to a hidden place and park it properly. Remember not to cut off the oil and power of the refrigerated truck. Make sure that the container keeps cooling. I want to send four ice sculptures to Machi Takahashi. Don’t look back. People will turn into four piles of rotten meat when they receive it. It won’t be good if they give me a bad review. After all, I am an overseas customer and an international friend.

The subordinate nodded quickly and said, “Don’t worry, we must arrange this car properly!”

Issac asked at this time: “Master we are going to Osaka next stop. Will this car follow us? Will it be alerted by the other party?”

Charlie said: “In principle, where we go, this car will go wherever we go, but there is no need to follow us closely. If we set off tomorrow, let this car leave before two hours in advance.”

Issac nodded immediately: “Okay!”

Charlie waved his hand: “The three of you go back. I will deal with the scene and go back by myself.”

Issac asked hurriedly: “Is there anything I can help? Or I will stay!”

“No.” Charlie said lightly: “I will go back after I finish handling it. This will also prevent the group of people from seeing the clues.”

Seeing this, Issac nodded and said, “Master since this is the case, then I and Mr. Orvel will go back first.”

After Issac and Mr. Orvel left, Charlie dealt with some traces in the park.

He found all the six-handed swords in Tenglin Qingtian. He did not discard the six-handed swords, but put them all back in the cowhide case and kept them next to him.

Afterwards, the bloodstains on the ground were also cleaned up by him, leaving no traces.

After doing all this, he was alone, walking back to the hotel leisurely.