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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1734 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1734 Start

Charlie speculated that this should be some kind of agreed code between them. Only they themselves know what the different numbers mean, so that they can realize basic communication encryption, even if he has Tenglin Qingtian’s mobile phone, There is no idea what the two are passing on.

However, Charlie felt that the 07 sent by Tenglin should really mean to ask Tenglin Qingtian about his situation.

Thinking of this, he gently bends the phone with both hands, and when the phone is powered off, he put the phone back into Tenglin Qingtian’s pocket.

Immediately afterwards, he took out his mobile phone and called Issac.

As soon as the phone was connected, he ordered: “Old man, let your hands prepare a light refrigerated car, and then drive to the park on the outskirts of the river.”

Issac asked in surprise: “Master what do you want to freeze the car for?”

Charlie said lightly: “A big popsicle of personal flesh.”

When Issac heard this, he immediately became nervous, and blurted out, “Master have you been attacked?! Are you okay?”

“Of course okay.” Charlie said: “You quickly do as I told you to find a car first, and I will send you the address in a moment.”

“OK, Master!”


At this moment, inside a hotel in downtown Nagoya.

Tenglin was about to install a bug in Charlie’s room. Just to be cautious, he sent Tenglin Qingtian a message to ask him about his tracking, such as where Charlie went and how long it will take to return.

If Charlie can’t come back for a while, then he can safely sneak into his room.

However, when the message was sent, Tenglin Qingtian never responded, which made him feel a little uneasy.

The other two juniors were also in his room. Seeing Tenglin Qingtian not responding to messages, everyone looked a little worried.

The four of them have worked closely for so many years and are very familiar with each other. There is no lag in the communication between them under any circumstances. The information is basically returned within seconds, and there has never been a situation where there is no reply for a few minutes.

Tenglin couldn’t help muttering: “Could it be that Qingtian was discovered by the other party?”

The second junior brother said: “No, senior brother! The fourth child has the strongest concealment ability. If he gets serious, the three of us together may not be able to find him. How can the subject detect his trace?”

Tenglin waved his hand and said solemnly: “Qingtian hasn’t responded to the message for so long. This is obviously very abnormal. Therefore, it is no longer meaningful to discuss his strength. The key is to find him!”

Thinking of this, he hurriedly sent another message to Tenglin Qingtian. The content of this message was the number 10, which means one hundred thousand in a hurry, and he responded quickly!

However, when the message was sent, it still fell to the ground!

He waited anxiously for another minute, but there was still no response.

The expressions of all three people became very ugly.

The Third Junior Brother couldn’t sit still, and stood up and said, “Big Brother, go out and look for it!”

“Looking for?” Tenglin smacked his lips: “Where to find? Qingtian has not communicated with us since he separated from us, we don’t even know which direction to choose when we leave the hotel!”

The second younger brother blurted out: “What if there is an accident with Qingtian?”

Tenglin said with a black face: “I think with Qingtian’s strength, even if it is discovered by the opponent, he can still fight. It may not really be an accident. Maybe it has already started with the opponent!”

After that, he blurted out: “Second, give Qingtian a call!”