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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1733 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1733 Start

The moment Tenglin Qingtian pierced the sharp blade, he felt pain and numbness at the wound, and a sense of weakness spread from the wound to his whole body.

The pain comes from the wound of a sharp blade;

The sense of powerlessness originates from the poison on the blade.

He was already unable to breathe, his face became more and more bruised, staring at Charlie with an expression of horror, and sobbing in his mouth.

Charlie looked at him and asked with interest: “Did you follow me first, how did I do it?”

Tenglin Qingtian nodded desperately.

He didn’t want to understand until he was on the verge of dying, why Charlie had such a strong strength, why he could hide everything in front of him in an instant, and why he could make his two-handed sword deviate from the original trajectory.

Charlie smiled slightly at this time and said: “Did you learn physics when you were a child? The transmission of sound depends on vibration. As long as you can control vibration, you can control any sound. No matter how sensitive your ears are, you won’t feel it.”

Tenglin Qingtian’s eyes were full of shock!

Sound transmission depends on vibration, he knows this, but how can people control the vibration of sound? !

Immediately, he looked at Charlie with eager eyes, Maching a um ah ah ah sound in his mouth.

Charlie smiled and asked, “Do you want to ask, how did I make your two swords deviate?”

Tenglin Qingtian nodded uncontrollably.

Charlie smiled indifferently: “This is the same principle as how I control the vibration, but this ability is a profound heritage, far from your ninjutsu, so you don’t think too much, go on the road.”

Tenglin Qingtian’s expression was full of shock and regret.

What is shocking is that this man actually has such an inheritance of heavenly skills. Regrettably, he has come to an end in this life, and it is impossible to learn such a heavenly skill.

At this moment, Tenglin Qingtian’s face had begun to turn black and purple, and his eyes were staring, almost shooting out of his eye sockets.

And his whole person couldn’t stop convulsing suddenly, and his whole person was shaking violently.

The reason for this is also because he himself smeared cyanide on his short blade. This highly toxic substance killed him very quickly and in a tragic manner.

This state continued for about ten seconds, and Tenglin Qingtian lost his vitality and turned into a stiff corpse.

Charlie didn’t have any sympathy for the tragic death of Tenglin Qingtian. This man carried so many poisonous weapons with him. God knows how many people he killed with these weapons before. Now, it is best for him to let him eat the consequences.

In other words, this is also his best destination.

Otherwise, if the crime is in the hands of other enemies someday, you may not even be able to keep a whole body.

At this moment, there was a short and slight vibration in Tenglin Qingtian’s pocket.

If it weren’t for Charlie’s extremely keen senses, it would be impossible to detect it.

Astonished, he reached out to touch the inner pocket of Tenglin Qingtian’s shirt, and he found a mobile phone.

This mobile phone seems to have specially modified the vibration motor, which greatly shortens the period of vibration and greatly reduces the force of vibration. It is estimated that it is to prevent the mobile phone from revealing its whereabouts when it is hidden.

At this time, a message was displayed on the screen of the phone. After Charlie unlocked the phone with Tenglin Qingtian’s finger, he saw a text message with the title Tenglin. The text message contained only two numbers: “07.”

Charlie couldn’t help frowning, scrolling up the text messages of the two and found that they were all communicating with two digits. Tenglin sent a 03, and Tenglin Qingtian responded with an 11.