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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1732 Free Novel

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However, as the thermal weapon became more and more mature, this weapon gradually withdrew from the stage of history.

But unexpectedly, Japanese ninjas are still in use.

The moment he moved the sole of his shoe, he realized that this guy was preparing to unlock the short blade in the ninja shoe.

Even, his toes have completed 80% of the entire S-shape, as long as they move one centimeter in the correct direction at the end, the short blade hidden in the sole will suddenly pierce from the toe!

At this time, Tenglin Qingtian has made up his mind. Once he finds the right opportunity, he first uses the sword in his two hands to attract the other’s attention. When Charlie’s all attention is on the shuriken, he immediately uses the ninja shoes. The short blade launched an attack.

At that time, the upper and lower sides and the four sharp blades will come out, as long as one of them stabs Charlie, Charlie will undoubtedly die!

Although he explained that he should not kill him for the time being, he felt that Charlie had already threatened his life, and he did not care about Zhenzhi’s instructions. The most important thing was to kill Charlie first!

After Maching up his mind, he began to attract Charlie’s attention and said, “Sir, if you have any questions, just ask, I will answer truthfully!”

Charlie nodded and asked, “Are you four of you the strongest under Machi Takahashi?”


Charlie frowned, and said with a bit of contempt: “I don’t think the four of you are really good at it. Isn’t your skill just throwing knives? And you’re dying. If you have this skill, In China, no one looks at performing arts on the streets, and you can’t keep up with the heat if you eat sh!t.”

Feeling humiliated, Tenglin Qingtian blurted out: “Nonsense! My shuriken has always been accurate. Within 100 meters, the wings of flying flies can be cut off!”

Charlie smiled and said, “So powerful?”

Tenglin Qingtian said sternly: “Of course! If you don’t believe me, I can show you something!”

Charlie smiled contemptuously: “Come on, start your performance.”

Tenglin Qingtian gritted his teeth, realizing that the opportunity is coming, and sneered: “Okay! Then you are optimistic!”

After that, both hands suddenly shook, and the sword in both hands instantly pierced the air and dashed towards Charlie!

Immediately afterwards, he rubbed his feet on the ground slightly, and the two short blades of his toes popped out instantly!

Tenglin Qingtian didn’t dare to delay half a minute, and immediately raised his foot and kicked Charlie!

Charlie had already guarded his hand, a trace of contempt flashed between his brows.

Immediately afterwards, he did not move. He just snapped two fingers with both hands, and then separated two invisible vigor, and slightly pushed the two shurikens that came straight to his door.

Immediately afterwards, the sword in the two hands was like a Chinese character “eight”, swiping and flicking it, just passing Charlie!

Tenglin Qingtian was so scared that his face was pale by this strange scene. At this time, he could only hope for the short blade of his toes!

A strong wind blew, and his feet kicked in front of Charlie.

Charlie’s expression was indifferent, and he quickly attacked with one hand, and grabbed his ankle tightly.

Tenglin Qingtian looked at the short blade of the toe, and was only a few strands away from Charlie, but Charlie’s hand was too strong, and he was completely unable to enter even half a minute!

At this time, Charlie sneered and said contemptuously: “Since you like to hurt people with short blades so much, then I will fulfill you and arrange a happy ending for your life!”

Tenglin Qingtian was frightened and collapsed, and he blurted out and pleaded: “No! Please…”

As soon as the voice fell, he felt a sudden pain in his ankle and knee!

With a crisp click, Tenglin Qingtian saw his calf bend forward from the knee!

It turned out that Charlie completely broke his calf from his knee with one hand!

He was tortured to collapse by the severe pain, opened his mouth and yelled hysterically: “Ah!!!”

The next moment, his voice stopped abruptly.

The short blade on the toe of his shoe had already pierced into his mouth at this time, and the bloody blade tip came out directly from the back of his neck!