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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1730 Free Novel

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However, the use of this shuriken is quite different from that of a dagger.

The use of daggers is mostly piercing and cutting, but the use of shuriken is throwing.

In martial arts ninjutsu is sinister and vicious.

Ninjas don’t like to compete face-to-face with their opponents. They like to hurt people with dark arrows. It’s best if the opponent doesn’t find them until death. This is the ultimate ninja pursuite.

They like to use weapons like shurikens, darts, and blow arrows, and they will smear highly toxic substances on the sharp blades, so as to ensure that as long as the opponent is broken by the sharp blade, they will be over.

One minute later, Tenglin Qingtian still did not catch any movement of Charlie!

His hearing almost covers the entire park, and he can also conclude that there is only him alive in this park.

Tenglin Qingtian couldn’t help but wonder: “Where did the man go? Did he escape or hide?!”

“If he escaped, how did he escape in an instant? Could he fail to transfer in an instant? Or did he not pay attention just now and be distracted by him?”

“If it is hidden, how can he not move at all for a minute? It is understandable to control his breathing, but it is a bit unrealistic to control his heartbeat?”

If it is the former, most of the responsibility lies with me, and I can’t find the other party, so I should go back and report the penalty and pay more attention next time.

But if it is the latter, then the strength of this person is simply unfathomable!

Thinking of this, a cold sweat broke out behind him!

As a result, Tenglin Qingtian gripped the shuriken tighter, and slowly turned his body silently under his feet, carefully staring at the surroundings, for fear that the other party would suddenly appear.

After watching two laps, he was a little relieved to make sure that there were no ghosts around.

When he was about to leave quickly, he suddenly felt that someone patted his left shoulder lightly!

At this moment, his whole body was frightened and his hair exploded, and the whole person turned around like crazy, and the two poisoned shurikens were thrown out behind him with a scream.

However, the sword in the two hands did not hit any target. After flying dozens of meters away, it was firmly nailed to the wall!

d*mn it!

People? !

Tenglin Qingtian was shocked, but he didn’t dare to delay his hands. As soon as he stretched out his hand, he took out two swords from the cowhide cover on his waist!

Tenglin Qingtian, holding a shuriken, shouted with fear: “Who is it?! Get out of for me!”

At this time, he felt that his right shoulder was tapped twice!

At this moment, Tenglin Qingtian almost freaked out!

He took a violent step forward when he was crazy, and at the same time turned his head angrily, and threw the sword in both hands again!

However, this time it was still empty!

Behind him, he couldn’t even see a ghost!

Tenglin Qingtian was shocked, and hurriedly took out the last two swords in his hands.

At this time, he heard a man behind him sneered: “It seems that ninjas are nothing more than this! It’s really disappointing!”