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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1727 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1727 Start

Zhiyu frowned as soon as Takahashi’s words were spoken.

She couldn’t help but wonder: “Yesterday my dad just said in a video conference that he would unite with one of them and kill the other. Why did Takahashi take the initiative to join us to kill the Ito family?! Isn’t it a coincidence? Is it true that Takahashi eavesdropped on the video conference of the family of three last night?”

Zhiyu felt that her speculation was not impossible.

She thought to herself: “Although the bodyguards who accompanied her had been tested when she checked into the hotel yesterday and confirmed that there were no bugs and cameras in the room, this is after all in Tokyo, in the site of Machi Takahashi. If he wants to find a way , It should not be difficult to eavesdrop on me and my brother…”

Zhifei also had some surprises and doubted whether it was tapped by Takahashi.

However, because Takahashi Machi was right in front of him, Zhifei couldn’t communicate with his sister, so he winked at her.

Zhiyu nodded quietly, and then asked Machi Takahashi with a calm expression: “Mr. Takahashi, why are you completely eradicating the Ito family?”

Takahashi said furiously: “That d*mn Takehiko has been working against me. If it’s just normal business competition, it doesn’t matter, but he has risen to the level of personality insult to me and my family!”

With that said, Takahashi Machi told the story of Takehiko Ito sending flowers and fruit baskets yesterday, and calling to mock him.

After speaking out of righteous indignation, he still cursed in annoyance: “This Takehiko, joking with my son, and ridiculing us all, is too much! So I made up my mind when I was in the hospital yesterday. There is him without me, or there is me without him!”

Takahashi is not stupid. He knows that if he rashly offered to join forces with the Su family to destroy the Ito family, the Su family would doubt whether they were being monitored.

Therefore, when he mentioned Takehiko, he deliberately exaggerated his words, and the whole person was extremely angry. The whole performance can be said to have reached the acting skills of a powerful actor.

What he thought was that if the Su family really believed his words, then instead of suspecting that they were eavesdropped on, they would feel more like their natural allies.

In this way, he will definitely become the best candidate for cooperation in the eyes of the Su family.

Zhiyu was indeed relieved when she heard this.

Obviously, she did believe what Takahashi said.

Because all this sounds so natural.

Machi Takahashi’s son was injured, and at the same time he became a laughing stock. This in itself already made him very irritated. At this time, Takehiko came to add fuel to the fire, teased him, and irritated him.

Thinking of this, she smiled slightly and said to Takahashi Machi: “Mr. Takahashi, let’s talk about cooperation first. As for the matter you just said, if the cooperation itself is okay and everyone can reach an agreement. This matter can also be discussed.”

Machi Takahashi immediately said excitedly: “That’s really great! Don’t worry, Miss Su, I have shown 200% sincerity this time. I believe the Takahashi family must be the best choice for the Su family!”


When Machi Takahashi had detailed negotiations with Zhifei and Zhiyu, Charlie and his party had already arrived in Yokohama and went straight to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s production base in Yokohama.

Qin Gang’s medicinal materials had also been delivered two hours ago.

Therefore, Ichiro and Liang began to organize workers at the Yokohama production base to conduct trial production of JX Weisan.

The trial production went very smoothly. At four o’clock in the afternoon, the first batch of qualified JXwei Powder was produced in batches from the assembly line.

After that, Charlie and his party immediately drove to Nagoya, the most important city in central Japan.

When they arrived in Nagoya, it was late.