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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1726 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1726 Start

This night, the four of them took two-by-two shifts, with another person watching every four hours to ensure that all four of them could get a certain rest.

They thought everything they did was perfect, but they didn’t know that everything was under Charlie’s control.

The reason why Charlie didn’t do any performance was mainly that he wanted to make plans first, and at the same time, he didn’t try to get rid of them.

He doesn’t want to do anything to these ninjas in Tokyo, mainly because he will go to several cities next. If the Takahashi family’s ninjas are killed now, then the Takahashi family will definitely stick to him like dog skin plasters. Will bring a lot of inconvenience and trouble to him.

Instead of this, it’s better to let these four ninjas follow him all the time, and then look for opportunities to defeat them one by one.

Eight o’clock in the morning.

Charlie got up to wash, and after breakfast, Issac’s motorcade was ready downstairs.

Paul’s work has ended, so Charlie arranged for him to return to Aurous Hill first, so as not to delay other work in his law firm.

After the convoy sent Paul away, carrying Charlie, Orvel, Liang, Issac, Ichiro and others, left Tokyo directly for Yokohama.

Tenglin and his younger brother followed along in two commercial vehicles. Originally thought that Charlie was just coming to the airport to see Paul off, but unexpectedly, the convoy did not return to downtown Tokyo, but went directly to Yokohama.

So he immediately called Machi Takahashi and reported Charlie’s departure from Tokyo.

Machi Takahashi instructed him to continue to follow, not to act rashly for now.

At the same time, Zhifei and Zhiyu had a formal meeting with Machi Takahashi.

They met in the property owned by the Takahashi family in Ginza, Tokyo, and Machi Takahashi enthusiastically invited the two to sit in his office.

Afterwards, he said very religiously: “I wanted to have a simple exchange with the two yesterday, but I didn’t expect the accident happened to the boy, so I neglected the two, and please forgive me.”

As the eldest son of the Su family, Zhifei took the initiative to smile and said: “Mr. Takahashi is too polite. don’t know what happened to Young master’s injury?”

Machi Takahashi sighed and said, “He received surgery on his arms and is also put in a cast. It may take some time to recover.”

Zhifei nodded lightly, and said politely: “It’s a pity that Eiki encountered such a thing. If Mr. Takahashi needs our Su family’s help, please don’t hesitate, we will definitely go all out!”

Although Takahashi really knew that Zhifei was only being polite to him, he still said gratefully, “Thank you, Mr. Su for your concern!”

Zhifei smiled and said: “Mr. Takahashi does not have to be so polite. If our two can finally reach a cooperation, then we are each other’s strategic partners. Our family attaches great importance to strategic partners, and I communicated with my father last night. On the phone, he is also very concerned about Eiki’s body, and he has repeatedly asked you whether it is useful to Su’s family. If the Japanese orthopedic doctor is not good enough, he can send several orthopedic experts from Eastcliff.”

Machi Takahashi said flatteredly: “That’s really thank you Mr. Su, if I have this need, I will speak to you at that time!”

After talking, Takahashi sighed: “The Su family’s sincere attitude towards its partners makes the Su family admire, and at the same time more fascinated. If there is a chance to reach a strategic cooperation with the Su family, the Takahashi family will definitely go all out and never disappoint Su’s expectations!”

Zhifei nodded lightly and smiled: “That’s good! In that case, let’s talk about the details of cooperation next.”

Takahashi Machi suddenly said with a cold face at this time: “Mr. Su, Miss Su, before we start talking, I want to give our cooperation a temporary precondition!”

Zhiyu frowned: “Mr. Takahashi, temporarily increase the conditions, some are not suitable, right?”

Takahashi said sincerely: “Ms. Su, the condition is not to raise the price from the Su family, but to ask the Su family to agree to me and cooperate with us to help completely eradicate the Ito family!”