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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 172 Free Novel

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However, as for Elaine’s performance, he is not ready to say anything about this house.

Charlie was busy working in the kitchen, Claire walked over and said in a low voice, “Don’t take what mom said to your heart, she just admires vanity.”

Charlie deliberately said, “What did Mom say? I didn’t hear a word.”

“Just pretend, it’s strange if you didn’t hear it.” Claire poked Charlie’s forehead with her finger.

Charlie took advantage of the opportunity to hold her hand.

Claire blushed, and quickly looked out of the kitchen before she retracted her hands.

But Charlie held on to it, took a closer look, and saw that she was carrying the bracelet he made, and he smiled and asked, “Is this bracelet effective?”

“Huh?” Claire regained her senses, nodded and said, “Don’t say it is really effective. Since I put on the bracelet, my body feels like a new look and feels much more comfortable. What exactly is your bracelet made of? Does it work?”

Charlie smiled and said, “It’s just a pearl.”

The white beads were worn on Claire’s wrist, making her wrist like snow, white and tender like a new lotus root.

Charlie’s smooth and warm jade hand was held in his hand, like a piece of warm jade, and he didn’t want to let it go.

Claire also noticed it, blushing, and immediately retracted her hand and glared at him.

Charlie smiled and said, “Do you want to change the house too?”

“Of course, who doesn’t want to live in a new house? Since my mother moved out of the villa, she complained all the time that it was too small and broken.”

Claire sighed, then recovered and said: “It’s just that the house price is too expensive now, and the family doesn’t have that much money, so let’s forget it.”

With that said, Claire suddenly remembered something and blurted out: “By the way, we can go to see the real estate first, and calculate how much the difference between this house and the new one would be. If the price difference is not so high, then replace this with a better one.”

Before Charlie had time to speak, Claire said excitedly: “That’s it. It’s the weekend tomorrow, let’s go out and check out the real estate!”

Seeing that she was very interested in this matter, Charlie nodded and said, “Since you want to see it, I will accompany you.”

Claire researched the real estate information on her mobile phone and decided to take a look for houses in New District with a better environment.

It just so happened that someone came and knocked on the door after eating. A courier handed a small package to Charlie and said, “This is for you. Please sign it.”

After Charlie signed the receipt, he opened it and found that there was a suite door key and several golden cards with the words “Tomson Villa a05” on it.

At this time, Charlie received a phone call from Solmon, the patriarch of the White family. He respectfully said on the phone: “Mr. Wade, have you received the key and room card? Tomson Villa is developed by Tomson Company in Aurous Hill. The most high-end real estate project. The No. a05 I gave you, is the largest villa, excluding the courtyard, with an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters, please accept it!”

Charlie has heard of Tomson. They have developed villas and high-rise communities in Aurous Hill, which can be said to be the highest-end real estate project in the city.

The market price of such a villa is at least 100 million.

It seems that Solmon is indeed bleeding heavily.

So Charlie said lightly: “You have a heart.”

Solmon said ecstatically: “Where is it! It is an honor for the White family to serve Mr. Wade!”

Back to the room, Charlie deliberately asked Claire: “Wife, do you like the house of Thomps Builders?”

“Thomson First Grade?!” Claire exclaimed, “How can we afford the houses there! The prices of ordinary high-rise residential buildings there are twice as expensive as outside! But the houses are indeed the best in Aurous Hill!” “

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “You can go and see it tomorrow, let’s talk about whether you can buy it or not later.”

Claire hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Forget it, let’s be more pragmatic and take a look at ordinary houses.”

Charlie smiled and said, “You tell me, I have a friend at Tomson First Grade. He said he can help get the internal price. We can go and see first.”