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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1718 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1718 Start

The leading ninja observed the surrounding environment and saw that the Aman Hotel was not far from this building, so he immediately ordered: “Second, we fell on the top of the Aman Hotel to watch each other, the third, the old Fourth, look for a suitable place to hide downstairs and closely monitor the target first!”

In the intercom, the voice of three people immediately came: “OK, brother!”

The two pitch-black paragliders slowly lowered their height, and finally landed on the roof of the Aman Hotel. After landing, the leading ninja immediately called Eiki’s father Machi Takahashi.

Machi Takahashi is in the hospital at this time. His eldest son, Eiki, is still undergoing surgery to implant a steel plate.

After receiving the call from the other party, Takahashi Machi immediately asked, “Mr. Fujibayashi, how is the matter going?”

The one called Mr. Fujibayashi is the leader of these four ninjas.

His name is Tenglin Zhengzhe, and the Tenglin family is one of the four famous ninjutsu in Japan.

In the development of Japanese ninjutsu, there was once a master of ninjutsu named Tengwu.

This Tengwu was once a celebrity of the Tokugawa family, Japan’s top family.

In 1676, he wrote a book called “Wanchuan Jihai”, which combined the martial arts essence of famous Chinese and Japanese masters, and also referred to the famous “Sun Tzu Art of War” and “Tai Gong Art of War” in Chinese history. “This book was later regarded as the encyclopedia of ninjas.

Since its beginning, the Tenglin family has gradually become Japan’s top ninjutsu family.

And Tenglin Zhengzhe is the heir of this generation of Tenglin family.

In Japan, ninjas have always been dependent on top-notch families to survive. There were a large number of ninjas who worked for them in large Japanese families and under the shoguns during the Warring States period.

Although modern ninjas are becoming rarer and rarer, the true masters of ninjutsu are still attached to top big families.

This is mainly because the ninja family lacks sufficient earning power, and modern society is becoming more and more secure and more emphasis on the rule of law, so they cannot make money by killing people and by arson, so they can only continue to adhere to the big family and become A master enshrined in a large family.

Said to be worship, in fact, it is captive.

Raising ninjas in captivity, giving them enough money, enough respect, and letting them work for themselves is also a common hobby of large Japanese families.

Tenglin is a master of the Takahashi family.

On the phone, he reported to Takahashi: “Mr. Takahashi, we have tracked down that guy’s address, which is opposite to the Aman Hotel in the city center. Now I am closely monitoring him on the roof of the Aman Hotel. Waiting for your next instructions.”

“Good! Great!”

Machi Takahashi finally breathed a sigh of relief and gritted his teeth: “As long as you find him, I don’t have to worry that my son’s vengeance will not be avenged!”

After that, Takahashi Machi again ordered: “Mr. Fujibayashi, you must keep observing him. Wherever he goes, you will follow him and wait for my next step. But if he wants to leave Japan, Just kill him!”

Tenglin said: “Mr. Takahashi, please rest assured, from now on, I will never let the target leave our control!”

Takahashi really knows: “Mr. Fujibayashi, when things are done, I will give you a generous reward, at least five million USD!”

Tenglin smiled and said, “Thank you Mr. Takahashi in advance!”

Takahashi really knew what he thought of, and hurriedly said: “By the way, Mr. Fujibayashi, the eldest son of the Su family, Zhifei, lives in the Aman Hotel. If possible, please help me monitor him. I want to know if he sees him at the hotel. Who did he call, who called him, and what he said.”

Tenglin immediately said: “No problem, I will check it out now!”