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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1717 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1717 Start

At the same time, two dark silent paragliders are flying fast at an altitude of two hundred meters.

This silent paraglider uses a lithium battery to drive an electric engine, so there is no noise generated when the engine is running.

Moreover, the fan blades of the paraglider have been carefully designed, and the air noise during high-speed operation is also very small.

Using equipment to make up for the lack of strength is also the consistent development direction of Japanese ninjas.

In the early years, Japanese ninjas not only had to practice ninjutsu hard, but they also had to be proficient in chemistry, because they needed to prepare a variety of strange equipment.

On TV, the ancient ninja dropped a ball on the ground, and smoke was instantly ignited. After the smoke disappears, people also disappear. This is not a fictional scene, but a real existence in history.

The round ball used by ancient ninjas is actually a mixture of smoke bombs and flash bombs made with the earth method.

When the explosion occurs, the instantaneous strong light will make the opponent’s vision temporarily blind, and the smoke is an excellent cover for retreat, so when the opponent’s vision recovers and the smoke clears, the ninja will have run away long ago.

Ninjas are like chameleons, very good at hiding their whereabouts according to their surroundings.

When the target feels that they may have run away, they may hide on the beams of the house, or hide behind the target, or hide in the water, using the thin bamboo strips used to blow arrows to ensure breathing.

Modern ninjas integrate scientific and technological achievements into ninjutsu, which gives them better concealment capabilities.

For example, the super black materials on them, such as this paraglider, are their modern methods.

At this time, the two people on the paraglider were communicating with each other through wireless intercom, and one of them said: “Brother, should we control the distance a little bit? So that the other party will not find us.”

“Impossible.” The senior said very confidently: “Our current height is two hundred meters, and the straight-line distance from them is almost one kilometer. At such a distance, they can’t hear any sound at all, nor can they see anything. Clue, even if the person directly below us looks up, it is impossible to spot us!”

The headed ninja thought he had achieved perfection, but he did not expect that Charlie still noticed the two of them.

After realizing that he was being observed at by the two, Charlie couldn’t help but smile sarcastically.

It seems that these ninjas intend to bite him and not let go.

I just don’t know when they are going to do it on him.

Not only did Charlie not worry about it, but faintly expecting it.

When he was young, he watched some ninja-related movies and TV series and cartoons, and he was still a little interested in the profession of ninja.

Therefore, he also wanted to compete head-on with Japanese ninjas to see what level of ninja Japan boasted for thousands of years.

So he decided not to change any of his next plans, but always pay attention to the movement of these four ninjas to see what they want to do.

Twenty minutes later.

The convoy stopped downstairs in the building of Ichiro’s house.

Charlie entered the building with everyone and came to the top floor.

At this time, two ninjas riding powered paragliders were hovering in the night sky above the building, and the other two also drove downstairs.